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logo DekeGeek

This repository contains hockey analysis completed by the DekeGeek team.


The Babson Hockey Analytics Conference is the first hockey-only sports analytics conference hosted in Boston. (#BOSHAC on Twitter)

Defenseman's paradox

Brian Carothers (bcarothers19) and I are presenting on what we've branded the "Defenseman's Paradox." Traditionally, top defensive players were thought to be those that maximized the number of hits and blocked shots they could log. Posession-based statistics have successfully questioned whether this is the case: if you're a defensive player and logging a high number of blocked shots and hits, you are likely poor at maintaining the puck. Thus, we seek to find where how many hits and blocked shots may be deemed "too many" for any given defensive player and, subsequently, produce analysis that demonstrates the value-add of defense-only based play.

This work is detailed in the BOSHAC 2016 repository.

The presentation we offered is here.

Python Workshop

We offered a Python workshop on basic web protocal (HTTP), how to scrape, and simple visualizations. Visit the readme for this lesson here.