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Join the chat at Create a Postman collection from Swagger documentation


Swagger UI provides a nice way to interact with an API documented by the Swagger specification.
But if you're working with an identical API across multiple environments, or you want to test edge cases that Swagger UI doesn't support (like omitting a required query parameter), Swagger UI comes up a bit short.

Postman to the rescue! Using Postman you can define variables for multiple environments and have more control over request generation.

##Purpose This library takes Swagger documentation served in JSON and converts it into a JSON collection which can be imported directly into Postman. You can see a full description of the Swagger JSON spec at

##Command line

To convert a Swagger 2.0 JSON file to a valid Postman collection:

sbt "runMain <filename> <collectionName> [<headerKey=headerValue> ... ]"

To convert a Swagger 1.2 hosted endpoint to a valid Postman collection:

sbt "runMain <host> <collectionName> [<headerKey=headerValue> ... ]"


Try out an online version at

Or using curl to convert a Swagger 2.0 document into a Postman JSON import file:

curl -X POST --data "@v2petstore-swagger.json" "" --header "Content-Type:application/json" > my_collection.json 

##Multiple environments

To take advantage of multi-environment testing, I would first run swagger2postman against a hosted Swagger doc. Then I do a simple Find/Replace, replacing the target host with a handlebars variable like {{host}}. Then I create environments in Postman that define a value for the config key host. Toggling these environments with your imported collection will let you seamlessly test your API in different environments.

You can also use environment variables for authentication. If your API uses a header for authentication, then pass a headerKey={{headerValue}} so that all endpoints get a global authentication header with an environment-dependent value.

##Release Notes


  • Initial support for Swagger 2.0


  • Initial support for Swagger 1.2


Create a Postman collection from live Swagger documentation






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