A simple WIP that logs data from a Grove sensor, and can send and receive information over USB and SMS.
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This project is written for the Arch GPRS V2.

It aims to provide a convenient method of alerting a user of humidity. However, the grove DHT22 sensor could easily be replaced with another Grove sensor with small changes to the code.


  • DHT
    • for accessing the grove
  • DS_1337
    • interface to the real time clock (which is a separate chip, i.e. not part of the micro)
  • mbed
    • all mbed libraries
  • SDFileSystem
    • for accessing the SD card. You need to be careful to import the right one (link to my blog)
  • USBDevice
    • interface to serial comms over USB (talk to it from a PC)
  • Handlers
    • this is where almost all of my code lives

Handlers The handlers have the same structure (although they do not inherit from a common base class, but they should). They have a run function, which is a state machine called from the main while loop in main.cpp. This will run continuous routines such as polling and checking if a request has been raised.

A request might be raised through a common request interface that passes an enum. However this might have to be more specific. Either way, the request is then handled in the state machine.


  • Takes a measurement from the DHT22 hardware at a set interval
  • On success, sends to measurement handler


  • Initialises and polls the SD card, checks for errors, etc
  • Receives requests for writing a system message to the log, or writing a measurement to CSV


  • Checks to see if there is a connection to a PC
  • Receives requests to send messages to PC
  • Diverts incoming messages from PC to appropriate handlers


  • GroveDht22 sends a measurement to this and it decides what to do with it
  • Stores values for schedules, thresholds, last measurements
  • Decides if a new measurement should be sent over SMS, SD
  • Receives a request for last measurement, state, etc, from either UsbComms or SmsHandler

GprsHandler (WIP)

  • Checks to see if there are any incoming messages, directs them appropriately
  • Gets requests from other handlers to send an SMS

To do: * Complete basic GprsHandler * Set a threshold for humidity (hardcoded to start with) and send messages at this threshold * Avoid sending more than x messages per y time (so don't get bombarded with messages) * Send messages to a list of numbers, not just one * Send messages on a schedule, e.g. send current humidity and temp once a day, so user knows it's OK * Make the above three points configurable over USB (threshold, time off, list of numbers, schedule) * Respond to certain messages, over SMS, to configure and make status known. * Make a base class for handlers to inherit from, so that interface stays consistent