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twke (pronounced twee-kee) is an extensible Campfire bot inspired by Hubot and created by the Librato team with the Scamp framework. His primary mission is to assist in the day-to-day DevOps activities of a team building and operating a SaaS platform.

Contributing to twke

twke's plugin system is modeled after Github-Services and creating a new plugin is extremely straightforward:

  1. Fork the project

  2. Start a feature branch

  3. Create a new file in /plugins called plugin_name.rb, using the following template:

    class Plugin::PluginName < Plugin
      def add_routes(rp, opts)
        rp.route 'foo' do |act|
          act.say 'bar'
        rp.route /hello (?<person>.+)$/ do |act|
          act.say "Hello #{act.person}!"
  4. Commit and push until you are happy with your contribution

  5. Please try not to mess with the Rakefile, version, or history. If you want to have your own version, or is otherwise necessary, that is fine, but please isolate to its own commit so I can cherry-pick around it.

  6. Submit a pull request from your fork to josephruscio/twke

More examples

def add_routes(rp, opts)
  # Create command scopes.
  #  Example, listen for the following:
  #   <bot> admin version
  #   <bot> admin quit

  rp.admin do
    rp.route 'version' do |act|
      act.say "Version is 0.1.2"

    rp.route 'quit' do |act|
      act.say "Leaving"
      exit 0

  # Don't require the <bot> string prefix.
  #  Example, listen for the following:
  #    admin version

  rp.admin(:noprefix => true) do
    rp.route 'version' do |act|
      act.say "Version cmd without <bot> prefix!"

  # Top-level route without <bot> prefix
  #  Example, listen for the following:
  #    bark

  rp.route 'bark', :noprefix => true do |act|
    act.play 'barking'

External Plugins

By default, all plugins listed under the plugins/ directory will be loaded at startup time. You can also specify additional external plugins to load at startup time using the admin.load_plugins configuration setting. External plugins can be loaded from a directory path on the file system or even from an external git repo.

There are a couple limitations for external plugins. These may be addressed in the future:

  • Plugins can not have any external dependencies are not listed in the twke Gemfile.
  • There is no support for post-clone operations (like bundle install) when using an external GIT repo.

Loading external plugins from a directory

For example:

set admin.load_plugins.darius.path "/home/albert/darius/plugins"

Will load all plugin files named /home/albert/darius/plugins/*.rb on startup.

Loading external plugins from a git repo

For example:

set admin.load_plugins.darius.repo "https://github.com/albert/darius.git"
set admin.load_plugins.darius.dir "plugins"

Will clone the git repo to a temporary directory and then load all plugin files named *.rb in the directory plugins of the git repo.

Job Control

One of the main methods by which a plugin can perform a task is to spawn some external application. To assist this common pattern, Twke provides a fairly full-featured Job Control system.

Job Control Plugin Use

The following example demonstrates how to use the job control system from your plugin:

# Run /usr/bin/myapp
job = Twke::JobManager.spawn("/usr/bin/myapp --help", 
                             { :dir => "/tmp/workdir",
                               :environ => {
                                  "MYVAR" => "MY_VALUE"

# Set a callback when the job succeeds
job.callback do
  puts "Job succeeded!"

# Set a callback for job failure (non-zero exit code or signaled)
job.errback do
  puts "Job failed! See output:"

  # Output can be retrieved with the job method 'output'
  puts job.output

# Send a SIGTERM to the job:

# Get the last 20 lines of output from the job
puts job.output_tail

Job Control Plugin

The jobs plugin also provides a number of helpful commands:

  • jobs list: List all active and finished jobs. Jobs persist for 30 minutes after completion to allow for checking outputs.
  • jobs kill <JID>: Send a SIGTERM to the job ID JID.
  • jobs tail <JID>: Print as a CF paste the last 20 lines of output from the job ID JID.

More documentation

See the wiki for more documentation.


twke is named after the ambuquad designated TWKE-4 who faithfully accompanied Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. His voice has been described as a cross between Yosemite Sam and Porky Pig, and he usually prefixed any speech with a low-pitched "bidi-bidi-bidi".


Copyright (c) 2011 Joseph Ruscio. See LICENSE.txt for further details.