Clamp.js deletes content of target element #3

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I have an element with a fixed height and Clamp.js is deleting its content if there is a span within. There were some spans from beginning to the end of the element. Clamp.js was called like this:

$('.clamp').each(function() { $clamp(this, { clamp: 'auto' }) });

The spans were:

<span style="font-style: italic;">...</span>

Don't know by what this is caused, removed Clamp.js for now.



The example is broken for this reason, as well.


Hey, any comments from @josephschmitt?


It actually has to do with ANY inline element inside of the target element.

Here is an example showing a target with an inline element inside the target and one without:

Here is a screenshot of the problem in FF20 for Mac:


"auto" does not work even on paragraphs with set heights. :(

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