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Emphasis provides dynamic paragraph-specific anchor links and the ability to highlight text in a document,
all of which is made available in the URL hash so it can be emailed, bookmarked, or shared.
For more information and examples please go to this blog post:
The main configuration element si specifiying what paragraph elements are in scope and are not. To this end
we specify the elements on or near Line 54:
this.paraSelctors = $$(
".entry p:not(p[class]):not(:empty)",
".post p:not(p[class]):not(:empty)",
"article p:not(p[class]):not(:empty)"
This covers a lot of common markup in many sites and blog. However this could be configured for your specific site.
Example: If all you P tags reside in DIV tags with the "entry" classname, then this would be sufficient:
this.paraSelctors = $$(".entry p:not(p[class]):not(:empty)");
Over at The New York Times, we use the following:
this.paraSelctors = $$('.articleBody p:not(p[class]):not(:empty)', '#articleBody p:not(p[class]):not(:empty)', '#content div.entry-content p:not(p[class]):not(:empty)');
Currently this requires that you use the PrototypeJS library - tested with version 1.6.
Levenshtein calculation in the script is based on some nice code by Andrew Hedges
- Remove framework dependency (PrototypeJS)
- Further work on UI for highlighting with focus on simplicity
- Social
- Support for touch-based devices