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StationPlaylist Studio

Welcome to StationPlaylist Studio wiki. Here you'll find resources such as add-on readme, add-on guide and podcasts explaining how SPL add-on works with NvDA.

Add-on readme

The add-on readme is the help file for the add-on. To access it, do one of the following:

  1. If you are using NVDA 2014.2 or earlier, go to NVDA menu, select Help, then select the StationPlaylist item.
  2. If you're using NVDA 2014.3 with add-on version 3.0 or later, go to NVDA menu, select Tools, then go to Add-ons Manager. From the list of add-ons, select StationPlaylist, then select Add-on help button.
  3. Alternatively, read the add-on readme online.


The readme that ships with the add-on provides changelog for recent add-on releases. To read the changelog for older versions, select this changelog link.

Add-on guide

If you want a more thorough guide to using Studio add-on with NVDA, select add-on guide link to read the add-on guide online. The guide introduces you to various commands used in the add-on, as well as providing answers to frequently asked questions.

Audio tutorial

If you wish to hear the add-on in action, you can listen to StationPlaylist audio tutorial. Produced by the add-on author, this tutorial introduces the add-on and tours various aspects of the add-on from installation procedure to broadcasting with SAM encoders.

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