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Windows 10 App Essentials Changelog

This page lists release changelogs for Windows 10 App Essentials add-on.

Supported Windows 10 releases

For each Windows 10 release, Windows 10 App Essentials provides support for at least twelve months.

  • Windows 10 Version 1507 (build 10240): September 2015-November 2016
  • Windows 10 Version 1511 (build 10586): December 2015-June 2017
  • Windows 10 Version 1607 (build 14393): July 2016-December 2017
  • Windows 10 Version 1703 (build 15063): March 2017-June 2018
  • Windows 10 Version 1709 (build 16299): August 2017-February 2019
  • Windows 10 Version 1803 (build 17134): March 2018-present
  • Windows 10 Version 1809 (build 17763): September 2018-present
  • Windows 10 Version 19H1: under development

For each version entry, minor versions (such as 18.06.1) are included under major release (18.06, for example).

Version 19.01

  • Standalone add-on update feature has been marked for deprecation. For future add-on updates, Add-on Updater add-on should be used.
  • Modern keyboard: in build 18305 and later, NVDA will no longer do nothing when opening emoji panel or cloud clipboard paste screen.
  • Settings: no label workaround for various links and radio buttons have been removed, as Settings app ships with proper labels.

Version 18.12

  • Added compatibility flags for use by future NVDA releases.
  • When updating the add-on, if the new add-on release requires a newer version of NVDA, an error message will be presented.
  • Small changes to how some messages are presented in languages other than English.
  • In build 18282 and later, NVDA will no longer announce Start menu size text.
  • Modern keyboard: NVDA will announce search results for emojis if possible.
  • Settings: various links added in build 18282 with no labels now have labels.
  • Settings: Windows Update reminder dialog is recognized as a proper dialog.

Version 18.11

  • Backported UIA performance enhancement fix from NVDA 2018.4 for users using earlier NVDA releases, removed in 18.11.1 due to an issue with Google Chrome.
  • UIA item status property event is now tracked.
  • Action center: Brightness quick action is now a button instead of a toggle button.
  • Action center: various status changes such as Focus Assist and Brightness will be reported.
  • Mail: because using table navigation keys to navigate between message rows is not supported, NVDA will advise users of this limitation.
  • Microsoft Edge: text auto-complete will be tracked and announced in address omnibar.
  • Modern keyboard: when opening clipboard history (Windows+V in Version 1809) for the first time, NVDA will now announce current clipboard status.
  • Modern keyboard: NVDA will no longer play error tones or do nothing when closing emoji panel in more recent Insider Preview builds.
  • Modern keyboard: in build 18262 and later (19H1), when emoji panel opens to People category, NVDA will announce first selected emoji instead of selected skin tone modifier to reduce verbosity.
  • Settings: in build 18267 and later (19H1), added labels for radio buttons for Search Indexer found in Cortana (Search)/Search Windows page.
  • Settings: progress of Disk Cleanup widget found in Settings/System/Storage/Storage sense/Free up space now page will be announced.
  • Settings: NVDA will no longer appear to do nothing or play error tones if using object navigation commands under some circumstances.

Version 18.10

  • NVDA 2018.3 is required.
  • If Add-on Updater add-on is installed, that add-on will check for Windows 10 App Essentials updates.
  • Default update check interval has changed to weekly checks for both stable and development releases. This is applicable if the add-on itself checks for updates.
  • NVDA no longer plays a beep when encountering dialogs.
  • Skype: NVDA-specific commands have been removed in Skype 14 due to various UIA issues.

Version 18.09

  • Initial support for Windows 10 Version 1809.
  • Add-on update channel selection is no longer possible in preparation for allowing Add-on Updater (proof of concept) and NVDA to check for add-on updates in the future. To switch channels, visit NVDA Community Add-ons website, go to "Windows 10 App Essentials", and download appropriate version.

Version 18.08 (Happy Third Birthday, Windows 10)

  • Added support for IUIAutomation6 interface (works properly with NVDA 2018.3 or later).
  • IN Windows 10 Redstone 5, improved NVDA's responsiveness in some situations by using features introduced in IUIAutomation6, particularly when switching apps while a long-running task is running in the background.
  • Updated various add-on source code parts to reflect 2018 changes.
  • When tracking events, the sender itself (object where the event came from) is also logged.
  • When tracking UIA notification events, debug tone will be heard if notifications came from somewhere other than the active app.
  • Expanded submenu handling beyond Shell experience Host, as Microsoft Edge's app menu (Alt+X) contains submenus since Redstone 5.
  • Custom handler for looping selector items (not the list) found in Alarms and Clock and Settings apps are no longer included due to improved accessibility of this control in recent Windows 10 releases.
  • Added support for recent releases of People (modern Outlook/Contacts) app (via a dedicated app module).
  • Modern keyboard: When opening clipboard items list in redstone 5, NVDA will no longer announce "Clipboard" (the label for the list itself) when this panel is opened.
  • People: In recent app releases, NVDA will once again announce top suggestions when searching for contacts.

Version 18.07

  • Requires Windows 10 Version 1709 or later.
  • Added UIA active text position change event (Redstone 5) to list of events to be tracked in debug mode.
  • NVDA will play a tone and log a message when encountering a dialog (through use of IsDialog property (Redstone 5) or after consulting a list of known dialog class names).
  • NVDA will recognize alert text in various apps and announce them via live region changed event. This includes aria-role=alert element in Microsoft Edge and other apps.
  • Calculator. Calculation results are no longer treated as headings.
  • Modern keyboard: Reduced unnecessary verbosity when working with modern keyboard and its features. These include no longer announcing "Microsoft Candidate UI" when opening hardware keyboard input suggestions and staying silent when certain touch keyboard keys raise name change event on some systems.
  • Modern keyboard: in build 17704 and later, reduced verbosity when browsing emojis.
  • Settings: More messages about Windows Update status are announced, especially if Windows Update encounters errors.
  • Settings: in Version 1803 and later, headings are announced when using object navigation to review screen content.
  • Settings: in Settings/Update and Security/Recovery/Reset, initial progress messages and content changes are announced.

Version 18.06

  • Requires NVDA 2018.2.
  • Various fixes included in this add-on are now part of NVDA. These include no more announcement of "unknown" when opening quick link menu (Windows+X), announcing notifications from newer apps releases and so on.
  • In Windows 10 Redstone 5 builds with Sets enabled, when switching between Sets tabs, NvDA will announce name and position of the tab you are switching to.
  • NVDA will no longer announce Start menu size text when changing screen resolutions or orientation.
  • NVDA will announce various dialogs as "dialog".
  • Calculator: NVDA will announce unit conversion values in recent Calculator releases.
  • Microsoft Edge: NVDA will announce more notifications, including Reading View availability.

Version 18.05

  • When opening, closing, or switching between virtual desktops, NVDA will announce current desktop ID (desktop 2, for example).
  • When opening a new Sets tab (Redstone 5) and search for items in the embedded Cortana search box, NVDA will announce suggestions and let you navigate context menus for certain items.
  • Modern keyboard: In Windows 10 Version 1803, with hardware keyboard input suggestion turned on and if NVDA is set to announce all candidates via input composition settings dialog/panel, NVDA will announce the first suggestion as you type.
  • Modern keyboard: Resolved a major problem where NVDA may play error sounds when trying to start dictating text (Windows+H) on recent Windows 10 releases.
  • Modern keyboard: Added support for redesigned emoji panel and announcing paste candidates for cloud clipboard in Redstone 5.

Version 18.04 (Spring Creators/April 2018 Update)

  • Added tracking support for UIA drag events, including drag start, drag cancel, and drag complete, as well as tooltip opened UIA event.
  • Tooltips from Edge and universal apps will be recognized and announced.
  • NVDA will not announce notifications (powered by UIA notification event) from background apps.
  • NVDA will no longer announce "unknown" when opening quick link menu (Windows+X).
  • On build 17627 and later, when opening a new Sets tab (Control+Windows+T), NVDA will announce search results when searching for things in the embedded Cortana window.
  • Feedback hub: In recent app releases, if running NVDA 2018.1 or later, NVDA will no longer announce feedback categories twice.
  • Settings: Resolves more issues with audio volume progress beep in Settings/System/Sound in Version 1803.
  • Windows Store: Product update announcements on recent releases (11801 and later) are more reliable.

Version 18.03 (Thunderbolt)

  • Initial support for Windows 10 Version 1803.
  • Restored compatibility with NVDA 2017.4.
  • NVDA will now track UIA notification event introduced in Version 1709 (Fall Creators Update). This allows NVDA to announce notifications in apps such as Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Store, Calculator, Alarms and Clock and others. With debug logging enabled, NVDA will output debug information about this event to the log.
  • Added support for IUIAutomation4 and IUIAutomation5 interfaces (works properly with NVDA 2018.1 or later).
  • Calculator: Resolved double-speaking issue when announcing calculation results ion some areas.

Version 18.02

  • Resolved a critical issue with add-on update feature with NVDA next snapshots running.
  • UIA notification event (introduced in Version 1709) is tracked and a debug tone will be heard if NVDA is restarted with debug logging enabled.
  • Added a workaround in recent versions of Calculator and Skype where new information isn't announced (such as calculation results or new chat messages).
  • Modern keyboard: In post-1709 builds (past 16299), when emoji panel opens, NVDA will announce first selected emoji.
  • Settings: More status messages are announced.

Version 18.01

  • Requires Windows 10 Version 1703 or later.
  • Calculator: In various parts of Calculator (such as unit converter), NVDA will now announce results as soon as values are entered.
  • Modern keyboard: Fixed double speaking of hardware input suggestions in build 17063.
  • Settings: More information (especially information pertaining to updates in build 17063) are announced.

Version 17.12

  • Modern keyboard: Added support for announcing hardware keyboard input suggestions in build 17040 and later.
  • Settings: In build 17035 and later, volume progress bar beeps are no longer heard.

Version 17.11

  • Fixed conflict with accelerator key for Windows 10 App Essentials dialog with that of Windows 10 OCR dialog introduced in NVDA 2017.4 snapshots.
  • Skype: Improved message announcements.

Version 17.10 (Fall Creators Update)

  • In more recent Windows Insider Preview builds, feature update entries are properly recognized in Settings/Update and Security/Windows Update/update history.
  • Modern keyboard: When looking up emojis via emoji panel, NVDA will announce emoji categories when moving to different emoji categories.

Version 17.09 (Second Anniversary)

  • Requires NVDA 2017.3.
  • The workaround in place for tab key issue in Action Center for recent Fall Creators Update is gone, as Windows itself provides a fix.
  • Windows Store: In latest update (version 11708), content download progress is once again reported.

Version 17.08 (Windows 10 Birthday Edition)

  • Initial support for Windows 10 Version 1709.
  • In Windows 10 App Essentials dialog, when changing update channels, if the previous channel was stable and then switched to development branch, a warning message will be presented when closing the dialog. Be sure to read the message and choose carefully, as development builds sometimes include features that could break on some systems.
  • In recent Fall Creators Update preview builds, when Action Center has no notifications and if you press Tab to move between items, you'll find that it won't work. A temporary workaround is now part of this add-on to restore this functionality until Microsoft comes up with a fix.
  • In Windows 10 Fall Creators Update preview build 16251 and later, NVDA will no longer play error tones or appear to do nothing when pressing Tab from Wi-Fi network connections window in Settings app.
  • Calculator: NVDA will announce live region changes when appropriate. This is done when the app is in converter mode, especially unit and currency conversion.
  • Skype: In recent releases, NVDA may not announce chat messages or play error tones when you press Control+NVDA+number row. This has been corrected.

Version 17.07

  • Requires Windows 10 Version 1607 or later.
  • When tracking live region change events, the debug information will say "liveRegionChange" to align with work being done by NV Access to support live region change event everywhere.
  • Added tracking information for element selected and window opened events, the latter used to help NV Access troubleshoot toast announcement problem.
  • Alerts in Edge and other applications that uses live region change event is announced. In some cases, this may result in double-speaking.
  • A new "development pilot" channel (hidden) is introduced, designed for people using NVDA and Windows 10 App Essentials development snapshots. The code in this channel removes legacy code and is designed to respond to changes made in NVDA master or next snapshots.
  • In Version 1703 and later, toasts will no longer be announced multiple times.
  • When pressing Windows+G to open Game Bar, NVDA will announce appearance of this window. Due to technical limitations, NVDA cannot interact with Game Bar.
  • Refinements to emoji panel support in Fall Creators Update. Specifically, emoji panel support is now contained in an app module instead of being part of the WinTenObjects global plugin.

Version 17.06

  • Requires NVDA 2017.2.
  • Certain workarounds are deprecated as NVDA itself will include them. These include announcing value changes for some combo boxes in Settings app. The workarounds that were part of the add-on will be removed once a stable version of NVDA that includes them is released.
  • UIA system alert events are now tracked.
  • Various tweaks to search field detection and handling in more apps.
  • In Settings and other apps where search suggestions are viewable, when you move through search suggestions, braille will show suggestions themselves instead of showing the edit field content. Note that this does not work on Start menu at the moment.
  • Initial support for floating Emoji input panel in Windows 10 build 16215 or later (for best results, use Windows OneCore speech synthesizer).
  • In People app or when looking up contacts in My People (Redstone 3), NVDA will play suggestion sounds when contact suggestions appear.
  • Calculator: When Escape is pressed to clear the results window, NVDA will announce "display is 0".
  • Mail: Added support for recent versions of Mail app due to executable file being renamed.
  • Mail: In Mail app, when writing a message, using at mentions (@) results in a list of contact suggestions appearing. NVDA will detect this and play suggestions sounds.
  • Microsoft Edge: Alerts on websites such as YouTube are now announced.
  • Settings: Windows Update download status is now announced in Windows 10 build 16215 or later.
  • Skype: Various issues when using Skype with braille displays fixed, including inability to read items in message history.
  • Skype: You can now press NVDA+D from message history to read details about a message such as channel, sent date and time and so on.
  • Skype: You can now use Skype commands while using My People.

Version 17.05

  • A new set of suggestions sounds were added, replacing the previous sounds set.
  • Laid the foundation to support wxPython 4.
  • Windows store: Fixed errors seen in Windows Store app where download progress wasn't announced.
  • Settings: In Version 1607 (build 14393) and later, update titles in Settings/Update and Security/Windows Update/Update history is now announced.

Version 17.04 (Creativity Edition)

  • Skype: Keyboard shortcuts has changed in order to avoid conflicts with commands introduced in March 2017 update. The new commands are: Alt+1 for conversations, Alt+2 for contacts, Alt+3 for bots, and Alt+4 to go to chat edit field if visible (the last command works if the add-on is installed).

Version 17.03

  • Initial support for Windows 10 Version 1703.
  • Improved update download and installation experience: no longer need to respond to a browser window, and no more installation prompts.
  • Improved support for newer style time picker controls found in Creators Update and February 2017 update to Alarms and Clock app.
  • When viewing results from Start search box, NVDA will no longer announce items twice.
  • Removed app modules for Bank of America, TeamViewer Touch, Twitter, and Windows Defender Security Center.
  • Thanks to work from Microsoft, Windows Defender Security Center workaround is no longer required. Consequently, the app module for this app has been removed.
  • Maps: When street view is active and "use keyboard" option is enabled, NVDA will announce street addresses as you use arrow keys to navigate a map.
  • Microsoft Edge: In Version 1703, NVDA will no longer announce "WebRuntime Content View" when moving to another site.
  • Settings: Added labels for certain combo boxes, Bluetooth passcode field in Devices/Bluetooth (Devices/Bluetooth and other devices in Creators Update) and Game Bar key assignment grid (Gaming/Game Bar in Creators Update).
  • Settings: New values are now announced for certain combo boxes.

Version 17.02

  • Requires NVDA 2016.4 or later.
  • Added ability to check for add-on updates (automatic or manual) via the new Windows 10 App Essentials dialog found in NvDA Preferences menu. By default, stable and development versions will check for new updates automatically on a weekly or daily basis, respectively.
  • NVDA can announce suggestion count when performing a search in majority of cases. This option is controlled by "Report object position information" in Object presentation dialog.
  • Added support for Windows Defender Security Center in build 15007 or later. Windows Defender in build 14986 is also supported.
  • Mail: When reviewing items in messages list, you can now use table navigation commands to review message headers.
  • Skype Preview: NVDA will no longer announce "Skype Message" when reviewing messages for majority of cases.
  • Windows Store: When downloading content such as apps and movies, NVDA will announce product name and download progress.

Version 17.01

  • Settings: Settings groups are recognized when using object navigation to navigate between controls.
  • Windows Store: Appearance of search suggestions are announced.

Version 16.12

  • Requires Windows 10 Version 1511 or later.
  • In time pickers in Alarms and Clock and similar controls, control labels and values are announced when moving focus to them.
  • Added support for Groove Music and Windows Defender (Redstone 2).
  • Groove Music: Appearance of suggestions while searching for tracks is now recognized.
  • Windows Defender (UWP for Insiders): Button labels will be announced.

Version 16.11

  • Settings: NVDA will no longer play error tones or not say things when announcing certain information from Settings/Update and Security/Windows Update.
  • Skype Preview: You can use Alt+number row keys to locate (and move to) contacts list (1), conversations (2) or chat edit field (3). NVDA will warn you if it cannot find these elements, and you need to select the correct tab (radio button) in order to move to the desired part of Skype Preview.
  • Skype Preview: Settings combo box labels are now announced (seen in November 2016 release).
  • Windows Store: Support for November 2016 version of Windows Store.

Version 16.10

  • NVDA can now recognize UIA live region changed event as name change events.
  • In Start menu, top search suggestion is brailled.
  • NVDA will announce reminder confirmation from Cortana.
  • Position information in context menus is no longer announced.
  • Mail and calendar: "edit" and "read-only" are no longer announced.
  • Microsoft Edge: Address bar suggestions are now recognized.
  • Settings: Search status such as announcement of when no results are available are announced.

Version 16.09

  • Requires NVDA 2016.3 for optimal experience, and will not run on Windows releases earlier than 7 Service Pack 1 in consideration for users who would like to upgrade to Windows 10.
  • In certain search fields, suggestions will appear as you enter search terms. NVDA will notify you via sound when suggestions appear. You can also use up and down arrow keys to move through suggestions. Examples of this enhancement include search field in Settings app.
  • Fixed a long standing issue where NVDA kept announcing gibberish when you were talking to Cortana.
  • Added support for Mail and Calendar, Maps, MSN Weather, and Windows Store.
  • Mail and Calendar: NVDA no longer announces "read-only" for Calendar's appointment name field and Mail's message content.
  • Maps: Fixed an issue where one could not use TAB key to move between controls.
  • MSN Weather: Recognition of tabs and ability to use up and down arrow keys to read forecast for each day (contributed by Derek Riemer).
  • Settings: When checking for updates in Settings/Update and security/Windows Update, update progress messages such as "downloading" are announced once instead of repeated as percentage changes.
  • Skype Preview: Reduced verbosity of chat messages, as well as ability to move navigator object to a chat item when Control+NVDA+number row is pressed just like Skype for Desktop.
  • Skype Preview: Fixed an issue when pressing Control+NVDA+number row where it did nothing or played error tones.
  • Windows Store: After checking for app updates, app names in list of apps to be updated are labeled correctly.

Version 16.08 (Anniversary Celebratory Edition)

  • Introduced localizations.
  • Added support for new Cortana command Windows+Shift+C).
  • Basic support for Skype Preview (UWP) app.
  • Skype Preview: NVDA will announce who is typing while chatting, and partial return of Control+NvDA+number row commands to read chat history.
  • Settings: When combo box items are changed, NVDA will no longer announce items multiple times.

Version 16.07

  • Initial support for Windows 10 Version 1607 (Anniversary Update).
  • Laid the foundation for localization into other languages.
  • Newer version of Microsoft Edge (part of Anniversary Update) is supported.
  • Cortana listening mode command has changed in Insider build 14383 (it is now Windows+Shift+C).

Version 16.06

  • Code repository and releases moved to GitHub.
  • Uninstall dialog for UWP apps is recognized as a proper dialog.
  • Added support for Bank of America UWP app, Redstone 1 version of Calculator, and improved support for microsoft Edge.
  • Bank of America: Button labels are now announced.
  • Microsoft Edge: Notifications from Edge are now announced.

Version 16.05

  • Certain dialogs are now recognized as proper dialogs. These include Insider Preview dialog (settings app) and new-style UAC dialog in build 14328 and later.

Version 16.04

  • Insider Hub has been renamed to Feedback Hub in Redstone 1.
  • Added support for looping selectors in Redstone 1.

Version 16.03

  • When minimizing windows (Windows+M), "pane" is no longer announced (noticeable if using Insider Preview builds) for Redstone 1/Version 1607.
  • Added support for Cortana.
  • Cortana: Textual responses from Cortana are announced in most situations.
  • Cortana: NVDA will try to stay silent when voice interaction command (Windows+C) is pressed.

Version 16.02

  • In context menus for Start Menu tiles, submenus are properly recognized.
  • Added support for Settings app.
  • Settings: Certain information such as Windows Update progress is now reported automatically.

Version 15.12

This is the first stable version of Windows 10 App Essentials add-on.

  • Initial support for Windows 10 Version 1511 (November Update).
  • Fixed an issue where certain combo box items, notably some combo boxes in Settings app were not announced.

Version 15.11

  • Added Windows 10 Controls global plugin.
  • Added support for looping selectors for selecting time in Windows Update, Alarms and Clock and others.
  • Added a patch in app module handler to allow loading app modules for executables with a dot in the middle of the name.
  • Added support for Alarms and Clock, TeamViewer Touch, universal app version of Twitter.
  • Alarms and clock: Time picker values are announced. This also affects the control used to select when to restart to finish installing Windows updates.
  • Calculator: Pressing Numpad Enter will let NVDA announce calculation results.
  • TeamViewer Touch: Lables for buttons are announced.
  • Twitter: Button labels are announced.

Version 15.09

This is the first testing release of Windows 10 App Essentials add-on. Although version text is shown as "15.9", it is named "15.09" in this document for consistency with future releases.

  • Initial public release on Windows 10 Version 1507.
  • Added support for modern Calculator and Insider Hub (Windows insiders only).
  • Calculator: When ENTER is pressed, NVDA announces calculation results.
  • Insider Hub: Meant to be used by Windows Insiders running an Insider build.
  • Insider Hub: Labels for radio buttons are announced.

Insider Hub (prerelease/Version 15.08)

Originally known as "Insider Hub" and meant to provide support for Insider Hub app, used by Windows Insiders.

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