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All the known bugs in h264 are fixed so I'm calling it done.
(cherry picked from commit 9cec36a6845c17e90a8d0c2cf9b03a00987c31f0)
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mrvacbob authored and michaelni committed Jun 2, 2011
1 parent 225083a commit 53781bf13e47d15f4d9964001af3894a72c513ee
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@@ -23,9 +23,6 @@ field pictures in the same packet are not optimal. Modify the
nals_needed check so that the second field's first slice is
considered as needed, then uncomment the FIXME code in decode_postinit.
-- The code added to shorten frame gaps (to avoid allocating more than 16 new frames)
-appears to be wrong by inspection. It does not handle prev_frame_num > frame_num,
-and "h->frame_num - h->sps.ref_frame_count - 1" should be "h->frame_num - h->sps.ref_frame_count".
- Packed B-frames need to be explicitly split up

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