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Quick lines-of-code calculator grouped by day for git repositories
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Based loosely on fserb's answer to this question:


Put it in your ~/bin/ directory and make sure it's set to executable (chmod
gu+x ~/bin/gitloc)

Basically it gives you a per-day breakdown of how much "work" you did on the
current git repository.

  $  cd myrepository
  $  gitloc
    Tue, Nov 02 2010 |     35 lines | (2719)
    Wed, Nov 03 2010 |    573 lines | (3292)
    Thu, Nov 04 2010 |    731 lines | (4023)
    Fri, Nov 05 2010 |    101 lines | (4124)

You can also have it only look in specific directories

  $  cd myrepository
  $  gitloc app lib script public
    Tue, Nov 02 2010 |     25 lines | (1719)
    Wed, Nov 03 2010 |    473 lines | (2192)


The number in parentheses is the running total.  I tried to make it somewhat
intelligent- it doesn't just look for lines added minus lines deleted- it tries
to ignore any "whitespace" changes- like indenting or whatever, it tries to
ignore files that were renamed or copied, and it tries to not give too high of
a number if you simply move chunks of code to other places in the file.  But it
does give you credit for removing code.  So if you spend a couple of days
cleaning up your project and finding ways to do the same amount of work in 10
lines of code that was taking 100 lines of code- you get "90" added to the
count, even though they were technically lines removed instead of added.

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