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Pure CSS3 UI Set

Nothin' but CSS. No weird HTML structures. No slow-loading images. No javascript to mess up everything you know and love. Just your regular HTML elements, and a class.

Check out a demo, or read a blog.


Everything is applied by class names. Just apply it to your regular HTML elements (no weird div trees). At this point I'm focusing on form elements, but will eventually expand to other types of elements.
The supported elements are:

  • input type="checkbox" : ui-checkbox
  • input type="textbox" : ui-textbox
  • input type="radio" : ui-radio
  • input type="submit" : ui-submit
  • label : ui-label


  • Add browser-specific CSS tags so it works in more browsers than just Chrome
  • Build in some graceful degredation so older browsers don't look awful
  • Support button with similar styling to input type="button"
  • Support select
  • Support HTML5 inputs, like input type="number" and such.
  • Try to find some sort of hack so that css3 transitions will work on pseudoelements (:after, :before)
  • Profit