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A simple unit testing program for both client side (js) and server side (php) unit tests.
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WebDev Unit Tester


I've just started to jump into unit testing, and I thought it would be a good idea to create an automated program that works well for unit testing on the web. The idea is simple - write your tests, run your page. If there are errors it should tell you, if not it should pass you onto your index page.


  1. Grab the source - either with a git pull, or download the compressed version (.zip, tar.gz).
  2. Place the source (keep the file structure exact) in the root of your webserver.
  3. Open up deps/clientTests.js with your favorite editor. Change the variable goAfter to the actual path of your index page.
  4. Add javascript tests to clientTests.js and PHP tests to serverTests.php. Both of those files are very well documented about how things should be formatted.
  5. Open up your webpage in a browser (if your web server does not support index pages, browse to index.htm)


  • If your real index page is title something like "index.php" it's possible that you will be served that page instead of the Unit Tester page. To fix this, either configure your web server to accept index.htm before index.php, or rename index.php to something different.
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