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# Import
import pymongo
from datetime import datetime, date
from random import randint
import cx_Oracle
import re
from datetime import datetime
from typing import Callable, List, Dict
def create_collection_if_not_exists(mongo_database: pymongo.database.Database, collection_name: str):
Create a mongodb collection if it doesn't exist
if collection_name in mongo_database.collection_names():
print('Collection "{collection}" already created'.format(collection=collection_name))
print('Created collection "{c}"'.format(c=collection_name))
def export_data_from_oracle_to_mongodb(oracle_server: str,
oracle_port: int,
oracle_sid: str,
oracle_user: str,
oracle_password: str,
mongodb_connection_string: str,
mongodb_database: str,
mongodb_collection: str,
sql_query: str,
create_mongodb_collection_if_not_exist: bool=False,
num_rows_fetch: int=1000,
transform: Callable[[List[Dict]], List[Dict]]=None):
Exports the data of a query from oracle to a mongodb collection
- mongodb_connection_string: the connection string, without the database name
more info in:
- sql_query: the query MUST NOT have a semi-colon ";" at the end of the sentence!
- num_rows_fetch: 1000 is a good number to start with. If it's too small, it will
take longer because mongodb will need to do a lot of commits
- transform: to make the function more generic in an ETL process. Function applied after
every fetch (in Oracle) and before inserting (in MongoDB)
If some row transformation is needed (like combining or casting columns) it can be done here
error_exception = None
## create connections
# create oracle connection
dsn_tns = cx_Oracle.makedsn(oracle_server, oracle_port, oracle_sid)
oracle_conn = cx_Oracle.connect(oracle_user, oracle_password, dsn_tns)
raise Exception("could not create a connection to Oracle database")
# create mongodb connection
mongodb_client = pymongo.MongoClient(mongodb_connection_string)
mongodb_db = mongodb_client.get_database(mongodb_database)
if create_mongodb_collection_if_not_exist:
create_collection_if_not_exists(mongodb_db, mongodb_collection)
collection = mongodb_db[mongodb_collection]
# if an error ocurred while creating the connection to mongodb, oracle connection would be already created
# we need to destroy it
if oracle_conn is not None:
if mongodb_client is not None:
raise Exception("could not create a connection to MongoDB server / database")
## exporting data
cursor = oracle_conn.cursor()
print ('executing the query in Oracle server...')
# column names in lowercase because it's case sensitive
ora_column_names = [col[0].lower() for col in cursor.description]
# export rows fetching 'num_rows_fetch' every time
print ('start exporting data...')
rows = cursor.fetchmany(num_rows_fetch)
while len(rows) > 0:
# convert rows to a list of dicts
mongo_rows = [dict(zip(ora_column_names, row)) for row in rows]
## "Transform" the rows
if transform:
mongo_rows = transform(mongo_rows)
# insert into mongodb
# fetch next rows
rows = cursor.fetchmany(num_rows_fetch)
print('successfully exported the data from Oracle to MongoDB')
except cx_Oracle.Error as error:
error_exception = error
if error_exception:
raise Exception(error_exception)