JQuery plugin to make a page element follow the scroll.
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fixedScroll plugin for jQuery

jQuery-fixedScroll is a jQuery plugin to make areas of the page follow other content while scrolling.

It's similar to other plugins like jQuery-followScroll, but it uses different techniques; for instance, it will make a following block fixed when necessary, so it won't move even when the user scrolls.

It also handles the cases when a box is too tall for the current viewport; it will scroll to the bottom, and then pin it there; if the user then scrolls up, it will also scroll up the box until the top of that box is reached, and then pin it to the top; for instance, some of the the bars at the left of this text should be taller than your viewport; if the document is scrolled down, so will the taller bars. Once the bottom of the area it follows is reached, it will stop there.

How to use

Using this plugin is very easy; include both jQuery and this plugin scripts to your page, then call the fixedScroll() method; to specify the target the block should be following, use the an options object that contains a follow field; the value of that field can be either a jQuery selector, or a jQuery object that contains the block that will be followed:

// Make all blocks with the "moving" class follow the target
$('.moving').fixedScroll( { follow: '#target' } );

// This is also valid
$('.moving').fixedScroll( { follow: $('#target') } );

Supported Browsers

Tested in IE9, Firefox 17 and Chrome 23. Other browsers may work, but haven't been tested. It's a safe bet that anything based on a recent version of Gecko or WebKit will probably work.