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Document a case when you need to use the "inherit_resources" macro. #211

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Hi there - I came across a case where I needed to use the "inherit_resources" macro rather than inheriting from InheritedResources::Base, and I would have found it helpful if this type of situation was more verbosely described in the documentation. So I've added an example of the type of scenario where "inherit_resources" comes in handy.



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@@ -126,6 +126,14 @@ call inherit_resources in your controller class scope:
+One reason to use the "inherit_resources" macro would be to ensure that your controller never responds with the html mime-type. InheritedResources::Base already responds_to :html, and the respond_to macro is strictly additive. Therefore, if you want to create a controller that, for example, responds ONLY via :js, you will have write it this way:
+ class AccountsController < ApplicationController
+ respond_to :js
+ inherit_resources
+ end
== Overwriting defaults
Whenever you inherit from InheritedResources, several defaults are assumed.
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