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== Textmate Footnotes v3.0
Author: José Valim (jose.valim at gmail dot com)
* Some code refactoring;
* Stylesheets bug fixed: was showing not only css in Stylesheets div;
* Logtail fix: working with Rails 2.0 logger and in all OS, since it's Regexp based;
* Rails 1.2 (except backtrace) and 2.0 compatible;
* RoutingNavigator (based on Rick Olson plugin);
* FilterChain.
== Textmate Footnotes v2.0
Copyright (c) 2006 InquiryLabs, Inc.
Author: Duane Johnson (
Creates clickable footnotes on each rendered page, as well as clickable
links in the backtrace should an error occur in your Rails app. Links take
you to the right place inside TextMate.
Enable only the TextMate on Macs in development mode
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