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Footnotes plugin for Rails

If you are developing in Rails you should know the plugin!

It displays footnotes in your application for easy debugging, such as sessions, request parameters, cookies, log tail, filter chain and routes.

Even more, it contain links to open files directly in textmate and if Rails get an error, it appends Textmate links to the backtrace file lines.


If you just want a static copy of the plugin:

cd myapp
git clone git:// vendor/plugins/footnotes
rm -rf vendor/plugins/footnotes/.git

If you are using Git for your own app, then you could use Git sub-modules or the tool Braid.

Known Issues

In Rails 1.x, the after_filter appear first than before_filter in the Filters tab. Then the results:

:c, after_filter
:d, after_filter
:e, after_filter
:a, before_filter
:b, before_filter

Would exactly mean:

:a, before_filter
:b, before_filter
:c, after_filter
:d, after_filter
:e, after_filter

Nonetheless, always consider upgrading Your app to Rails 2.x. =)

Original Author

Duane Johnson (


José Valim (


See MIT License.

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