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update README with instructions.


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@@ -59,12 +59,13 @@ this code temporarily disables notes for all controllers
controller.action_name == 'edit' }
-If you are not using Textmate as text editor, in your environment.rb or
-in an initializer do:
+If you are not using Textmate as text editor, MacVim and Sublime Text 2 are also compatible.
- Footnotes::Filter.prefix = 'mvim://open?url=file://%s&line=%d&column=%d'
+In your environment.rb or in an initializer do:
-for MacVim
+ Footnotes::Filter.prefix = 'mvim://open?url=file://%s&line=%d&column=%d'
Where you are going to choose a prefix compatible with your text editor. The %s is
replaced by the name of the file, the first %d is replaced by the line number and
@@ -73,6 +74,21 @@ the second %d is replaced by the column.
Take note that the order in which the file name (%s), line number (%d) and column number (%d) appears is important.
We assume that they appear in that order. "foo://line=%d&file=%s" (%d precedes %s) would throw out an error.
+*Sublime* *Text* *2*
+1. Keep the Textmate prefix, Footnotes::Filter.prefix = 'txmt://open?url=file://%s&line=%d&column=%d'
+2. Install {subl-hanlder}[]
+3. Open subl-handler. Go to preferences (SublHandler > Preferences), and point "Path to subl" to your installed instance. (EG, /Applications/Sublime Text Note: do not escape the whitespaces, subl-handler accounts for those.
+4. Install {RCDefault}[]. It's OSX 10.2, but it works.
+5. Go to RCDefaultApp (OS System Preferences > DefaultApps). Go to URL section, select "tmxt" extension, and set default applicaiton to "SublHandler".
+*Footnotes* *Display* *Options*
By default, footnotes are appended at the end of the page with default stylesheet. If you want
to change their position, you can define a div with id "footnotes_holder" or define your own stylesheet
by turning footnotes stylesheet off:
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