rails-footnotes breaks Rails 4 application on boot #90

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It seems the implementation of ActiveSupport::LogSubscriber has changed and at the very least you need to call super now when subclassing it. If you dont do this, the following error appears on trying to start the app:

ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid in DashboardController#index
TypeError: nil is not a symbol: SHOW FULL FIELDS FROM `subdomains`

This pull request only fixes the breakage on rails 4, but there are some other things not working as they should because the DB and Queries notes are not showing up in the footer.

For more information, also see rails/rails#9433

@codeodor codeodor referenced this pull request in rrooding/rails-footnotes Mar 25, 2013

Finish off the fixes for Rails 4 #1


To keep @josevalim up to date, I've submitted a pull request to @rrooding which finishes off the Rails 4 support and removes all the deprecated notices.

When merged there, I think its commits should be reflected in this PR as well, which means rails-footnotes is ready for Rails 4 (as tested against beta 1).

It will fix #91 as a side effect.

@rrooding rrooding Merge pull request #1 from codeodor/rails4
Finish off the fixes for Rails 4

Bump ! Any love for this PR? ❤️


Hey guys it's me again. I'm maintaining this repo now, and since I'm using this gem with rails 4 nearly every day, I think this issue is closed (using the git version)

New version coming soon !

@Intrepidd Intrepidd closed this Mar 3, 2014




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