Makes Slot Machine effect in your html!
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jQuery-SlotMachine Build Status Dependency Status devDependency Status

A simple, lightweight jQuery plugin to make slot machine animation effect.

Check the example page!


Install the component using Bower:

$ bower install jquery-slotmachine --save

Include the script located in dist folder after the jQuery library:

<script src="/path/to/jquery.slotmachine.min.js"></script>


Creating the machine:

var machine = $(foo).slotMachine( params );

Get machine instance:

var machine = $(foo).slotMachine();


machine.shuffle( repeat, onStopCallback ); //No args to make rotate infinitely, `repeat` is optional

Change the selected element:

machine.prev(); //Previous element; //Next element

Stop the machine:


Get selected element:; //Current element index

Get the selected element if shuffling:

machine.futureActive; //Future active element index

Check if the machine is running:

machine.running; //Returns boolean

Check if the machine is stopping:

machine.stopping; //Returns boolean

Check if the machine is visible:

machine.visible; //Returns boolean

Change spin result, if the returned value is out of bounds, the element will be randomly choosen:

machine.setRandomize(foo); //foo must be a function (should return int) or an int

Change spin direction, machine must not be running:

machine.direction = direction; //direction must be a String ('up' || 'down')

Destroy the machine. It will be useful when you want to reuse DOM:



Params must be an object, optionally containing the next parammeters:


Set the first element

active: 0


Set spin animation time

delay: 200


Pass an int as miliseconds to make the machine auto rotate

auto: false


The number of spins when auto is enabled

spins: false


Stop animation if the element is above or below the screen

stopHidden: true


Pass a function to select your own random element. This function must return an integer between 0 (first element) and max number of elements.

randomize: function(activeElementIndex){} //activeElementIndex = current selected index

Example (this machine always shows first element):

    randomize : function(activeElementIndex){
        return 0;


Animation direction ('up' || 'down')

direction: 'up'


Jose Luis Represa


jQuery-SlotMachine is released under the MIT License.