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Hubski Enhancement Suite

A simple browser extension that adds features to Hubski, inspired by Reddit Enhancement Suite.

Check back here regularity as updates are released (currently you'll have to manually update), and the #enhancement tag will be used for release notes & other relevant information - so follow that if you wish.

Installation Instructions

  • Firefox

    1. Download the .xpi
    2. Open the Add-ons window
    3. Drag Hubski-Enhancement-Suite.xpi onto the window
  • Chrome (and Opera 15+)

    1. Download the .crx
    2. Open the Extensions page (chrome://extensions)
    3. Drag Hubski-Enhancement-Suite.crx onto the window
  • Safari

    1. Download the .safariextz
    2. Open the downloaded .safariextz

Implemented Features

  • Never Ending Hubski - Automatically fetch more posts when scrolling to the bottom of your feed.

  • Comment collapsing - Collapse comments, pretty self explanatory.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts - Navigate around quicker with the following shortcuts:

    General Shortcuts (active on every page)

    • f - Go to your feed.
    • n - Go to your notifications.
    • m - Go to your mail.
    • e - Send a new mail message.
    • g - Go to the global feed.
    • c - Go to the community page.
    • b - Go to the badges page;
    • p - Submit a post.
    • q - Search Hubski.
    • u - Open your user preferences.
    • number 1 to 9 - Display Global posts with that number of shares.

    Feed Shortcuts (active when browsing post lists)

    • j - Select post above.
    • k - Scroll post below.
    • a - Share/Unshare post (must have selected a post with j/k first).
    • s - Save post (must have selected a post with j/k first).
    • h - Hide post (must have selected a post with j/k first).
    • v - View post comments (must have selected a post with j/k first).
    • o or enter - Open post (must have selected a post with j/k first). Shift + o or Shift + enter opens the post in a new tab.

    Post Shortcuts (active when viewing a single post)

    • a - Share/Unshare post.
    • s - Save post.
    • r - Reply to post.

    Post Shortcuts (active when viewing an individual post)

    • r - Reply to post.

    Notification Shortcuts (active when viewing notifications)

    • d - Dismiss new notifications.

Proposed Features

  • More keyboard shortcuts.
  • Live preview of markup when writing a comment or submitting a post.
  • Persistent bar for quick access to tags/users.
  • Inline image & video viewer.

Coding Style

@markbahnman recently re-wrote the entire script (for which I am eternally grateful) using jQuery and the Javascript module pattern. He wrote a fantastic blog post describing this process, which is also a great reference for those wanting more information about the project's structure.

Otherwise, sane js coding practices apply and should be able to be determined from the existing code.

Browser Extension Compilation

To compile the browser extensions yourself, run the script in the projects root directory (which currently only works on OS X).

For other platforms, follow the manual instructions below:

  • Firefox
    1. Download the repo and unzip it
    2. Copy the hes_icon64.png into the firefox folder
    3. Copy the jquery-1.8.3.min.js and hubski_enhancement_suite.user.js files into the firefox/data folder
    4. Install the Add-on SDK
    5. Navigate to the firefox folder with the addon-sdk enabled
    6. Run cfx xpi
    7. Install the extension with the resulting .xpi file
  • Chrome
    1. Download the repo and unzip it
    2. Copy the hes_icon64.png, jquery-1.8.3.min.js, and hubski_enhancement_suite.user.js files into the chrome folder
    3. In Chrome go to chrome://extensions/
    4. Enable Developer Mode
    5. Click Load unpacked extension... and navigate to the chrome folder, then click open to install it.