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  • Turn html5 boilerplate into a layout
  • Fix errors when templates have empty YAML
  • Show the hostname when initializing MM
  • Fix issues when using Redcarpet inside Slim
  • Make automatic_image_sizes avoid SVGs


  • Make Sitemap more thread-safe.
  • Asset-hash fixes in conjunction with Sprockets.
  • Proxy improvements.
  • Handle directories with a tilde (~) in their path.
  • Print better error message which port is already in use.
  • Terminal signal improvements, shutsdown correctly when Terminal closed.
  • Bundled Normalize.css updated to 2.0.1
  • Fixed Encoding extension activation
  • Reload i18n on file changes (#616)


  • Require newer version of listen.
  • Handful of sitemap speed improvements.
  • Fix previewing of directories with periods in their name.
  • Add CLI ability to skip gemfile and bundler init.
  • Fix asset_hash when used in conjunction with Rack middleware.
  • Fix LiveReload extension issues.


  • Add reload_paths to server CLI to add additional paths to reload MM on change.
  • Re-organize app reloading code, don't need to restart listen every time.


  • Logger has no such method .warning. Closes #582


  • HTML5 Boilerplate version 4.0.0
  • Use wdm for Windows
  • Fix buggy color renaming in built-in CSS minifier. #576
  • Fix Sass/Scss filter in Slim templates
  • Added SMACSS template
  • Give file metadata (such as frontmatter) precedence over path meta. #552
  • Add sass_assets_paths option for arbitrary sass partial locations.
  • Don't catch CoffeeScript errors when in build mode.
  • Extract load_paths so they aren't locked into the binary
  • Add middleman/rack for better support
  • Use centralized Logger and add benchmark methods


  • Improve asset methods and link_to by making them more clever and aware of options such as relative_assets and http_prefix
  • Refer to --verbose, instead of --debug in CLI error message (#505)
  • Cleanup listener setup and teardown
  • Update to Padrino 0.10.7 and Thor 0.15 (#495)
  • Build output correctly shows update and identical, instead of create for all.
  • automatic_directory_matcher (#491)


  • Doing a build now shows identical files (#475)
  • asset_hash, minify_javascript, and minify_css can now accept regexes, globs, and procs (#489, #480)
  • The link_to helper can now accept a sitemap Resource as a URL (#474)
  • The preview server now correctly listens for changes (#487, #464)
  • HTMLs are now served with a 'utf-8' charset instead of 'utf8' (#478)
  • UTF-8 is now the new default encoding for data and templates (#486, #483)
  • New :encoding setting that allows users to change default encoding
  • You may now use the use method with a block when adding Rack middleware
  • Middleman now depends on Listen 0.4.5+ and ActiveSupport 3.2.6+
  • Attempt to avoid issues with RVM's default Bundler (#466)
  • Fix issue where Middleman won't start with Compass 0.12.2.rc.1 (#469)


  • Split into 3 gems (middleman-core, middleman-more and middleman which simply includes both)
  • Rewritten to work directly with Rack (Sinatra apps can still be mounted)
  • Sitemap maintains own state
  • New Extension Registration API
  • Remove old 1.x mm- binaries and messaging
  • New default layout functionality:
  • Enable chained templates outside of sprockets (file.html.markdown.erb)
  • Sitemap object representing the known world
  • FileWatcher proxies file change events
  • Unified callback solution
  • Removed Slim from base install. Will need to be installed and required by the user (in - config.rb)
  • Activate mobile html5boilerplate template
  • Update to Redcarpet for Markdown (breaks Haml :markdown filter)
  • Return correct exit codes (0 for success, 1 for failure) from CLI
  • Yard code docs:
  • config.rb and extensions can add command-line commands
  • Nested layouts using wrap_layout helper
  • Support for
  • Added MM_ROOT environmental variable
  • activating extensions can now take an options hash
  • Don't re-minify files with ".min" in their name
  • Serve purely static folders directly (without source/ and config.rb)
  • Set ignored files and disable directory_indexes from YAML frontmatter
  • Automatically load helper modules in helpers/ directory
  • Add pid for cleanup
  • Use guard/listen for file watching
  • Merge full i18n support
  • Implied file extensions (style.scss => style.css)
  • Padrino 0.10.6
  • middleman init generates a Gemfile by default.
  • Errors stop the build and print a stacktrace rather than silently getting printed into files.
  • with_layout works with globs or regexes.
  • Setting directory_index from page with a glob or regex now works.
  • :gzip extension for pre-gzipping files for better compression with no server CPU cost.
  • :asset_hash extension that generates unique-by-content filenames for assets and rewrites references to use those filenames, so you can set far-future expires on your assets.
  • Removed the --relative CLI option.
  • Properly output Compass-generated sprited images.
  • Switch built-in CSS compressor to Rainpress.
  • Automatically load helper modules from helpers/, like Rails.
  • ignore and page both work with file globs or regexes.
  • layout, ignore, and directory_index can be set from front matter.
  • JavaScript and CSS are minified no matter where they are in the site, including in inline code blocks.
  • Files with just a template extension get output with the correct exension (foo.erb => foo.html)
  • link_to is smart about source paths, and can produce relative URLs with the :relative option or the sitewide :relative_links setting.
  • Include vendored assets in sprockets path.
  • Finally support Compass in Sprockets! Thanks to @xdite and @petebrowne
  • Moved Sprockets into an extension
  • Support loading Less @imports


  • Minor fix for i18n

  • Update Windows eventmachine dep

  • build --clean shouldn't remove dotfiles


  • middleman build --clean keeps the build directory clean of leftover files
  • Padrino 0.10.5 and Rack 1.3.5


  • Sinatra 1.3.1 and Padrino 0.10.4


  • Lock Padrino and Sinatra versions (for now)


  • Added --glob option to build which only builds matching files
  • Allow data/ files to be in JSON format as well
  • Enabled Liquid {% include %} tag
  • RubyInstaller-specific gem
  • Allow access to data/ in config.rb
  • Add mobile html5boilerplate template


  • Support accessing variables and data objects in ERb Sprockets files (
  • Make :markdown_engine support simple symbol names (:maruku instead of ::Tilt::MarkukuTemplate)
  • Update Padrino deps to 0.10.2
  • Include therubyracer on *nix
  • Enable frontmatter for Liquid templates


  • Updated HTML5 Boilerplate to v2
  • Make Rails 3.1 javascript gems available to Sprockets


  • Pulled out livereload feature into its own extension, still installed by default.


  • Vendored Padrino 0.10.0


  • Pulled out undocumented remote data feature into its own extension


  • Pulled out undocumented Blog feature into its own extension


  • Fixed Sprockets circular error
  • Added auto-requiring extensions


  • Guard-powered auto-reloading of config.rb
  • Guard LiveReload
  • Sprockets JS
  • Refactored Dynamically Reloadable Core
  • Combine views/ and public/ into a single source/ folder.
  • Support YAML front-matter
  • Added callback to run code after Compass is configured
  • Added support for a compass.config file which is passed directly to Compass
  • Blog-aware Feature (and project template)
  • Thor-based, unified middleman binary
  • :directory_indexes feature