Scripts I use to automate some common tasks around MacOS
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Delete All Mac Messages or iChat Archives and Attachments.command

Command line & Shell Scripts I use often

These are command line (shell) script files that automate common tasks on my apple computer..

I keep these in a folder in my dock and use them often.. Especially the CloneRepo, EditPath, and EditHosts command files.. And just because it is often necessary after editing $PATH, etc, I also have a KillFinder command..

My most used command file is most definitely CloneGitHubRepo.command

NOTE - The best use of this command file is to place it in the root folder where all of your git repos are cloned to. That way, you never have to manually clone a repo again. Just run this file, enter the GitHub username and repo name, and a folder will be generated in the directory and populated with the cloned repo files. Tada!

My second most used command file is most definitely GenerateFPOImage.command

NOTE - This will generate an FPO image with specified width, height and printed text on the image. It will then copy that link to your clipboard as well as print it to your terminal window.