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# Emulates submit button submission values for AJAX forms
# For regular form submissions, the name and value of the clicked
# submit button is passed along in the params. The key and value is
# typically something like `submit=Comment`. This is almost never used
# when there is only one button.
# When there are two buttons, the input names are different to
# indicate which button was pressed. One value might be `comment` and
# the other `cancel`.
# For AJAX form submissions this value isn't recorded
# anywhere. jQuery's `$.serialize` only returns the params for inputs
# that are on the page.
# We can work around this by inserting a dummy input on 'click' so
# jQuery can send it along to the server.
# This workaround only needs to happen on AJAX forms, so `data-remote`
# or `data-remote-submit` must be set on the form to enable it.
submitSelectors = """
form[data-remote] input[type=submit],
form[data-remote] button[type=submit],
form[data-remote] button:not([type]),
form[data-remote-submit] input[type=submit],
form[data-remote-submit] button[type=submit],
form[data-remote-submit] button:not([type])
# Listen for all submit buttons clicks that bubble up to the doucment.
$(document).on 'click', submitSelectors, ->
submit = $(this)
form = submit.closest 'form'
input = form.find '.js-submit-button-value'
if name = submit.attr 'name'
# Get value of submit button.
# Input submit fields have a default value of 'Submit'
# Buttons defaults to ''
defaultValue = if 'input[type=submit]' then 'Submit' else ''
value = submit.val() or defaultValue
if not input[0]
# Insert a dummy input so $.fn.serialize picks up the value
input = document.createElement 'input'
input.setAttribute 'type', 'hidden'
input.setAttribute 'name', name
input.setAttribute 'value', value
input.setAttribute 'class', 'js-submit-button-value'
form.prepend input
# A hidden input already exists in the form, we can just
# update the value.
input.attr 'name', name
input.attr 'value', value
# Submit button has no name, remove any hidden inputs so no
# value is submitted.
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