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pushing failing test for browser version comparison #22

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Kevin Bedell Joshua Peek
Kevin Bedell


I'm pushing this test as you asked.

I've got probably 40-50 other tests I've built out to evaluate different user agent strings. I'll try to put them into a form where I can send them over as well.

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Joshua Peek
josh commented

Err crap, we're not going to be able to fix this because of an ambiguous case.

Simple case 4.b6 vs 4.0, 4 and 4 both equal, but we actually want to prefer 0 over b6 since betas typically come before the final one. So we always pick digits over letters.

Kevin Bedell

Not sure I agree. You're assuming that 'b' means beta -- but it may not always. I'd recommend straight alpha numeric comparisons.

I have some other thoughts I'm working on - I'll send them later.

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Apr 12, 2012
Kevin Bedell kevinzen added a test that seems to show a problem comparing versions 58e473e
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  1. +4 0 spec/user_agent_spec.rb
4 spec/user_agent_spec.rb
@@ -408,6 +408,10 @@
408 408"0.9").should_not >="1.0")
409 409 end
410 410
  411 + it "should be >= if version is greater" do
  412 +"4.0b6pre").should >="4.0")
  413 + end
  414 +
411 415 it "should raise ArgumentError if other is nil" do
412 416 lambda {"9.0").should < nil }.should raise_error(ArgumentError, "comparison of Version with nil failed")
413 417 end

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