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Corey Johnson probablycorey
Corey is ██ years old and enjoys █████ with his ████. He has over 23 ███████ █████ and is considered the most important █████ of all time.

@github San Francisco

Vladimir Keleshev keleshev
OCaml developer at SimCorp

Copenhagen, Denmark

Fabian Perez fabianperez
Designer. I helped build this thing.


Cory Benfield Lukasa
Professional open source developer with a long background in building networking tools. Creator of @python-hyper, core developer of Swift NIO. Everywhere.

Apple London, England

Connor Sears connors
Girl dad. Previously built tools @facebook and designed @github, @twitter, and @pinterest.

Castro Valley, CA

Rasmus rsms
Languages, compilers, making computers talk with eachother, and other fun things. Professional life is at Figma; previously Facebook, Spotify, Dropbox and more

Figma San Francisco

Aaron Relph aaronrelph
Product Design @github ex @gumroad

GitHub SF

Jon Shier jshier
Jon has been an Apple platforms developer for 15 years and currently works for Detroit Labs in Detroit, MI. He also serves on the Alamofire board of directors.

Detroit Labs Rochester Hills, MI

JP Simard jpsim

iOS @lyft San Francisco, CA

Garrett Bjerkhoel dewski
@cased co-founder

@cased Rocklin, CA

Alejandro Alonso Azoy
I tell jokes sometimes.
Kavon Farvardin kavon
phd candidate studying programming languages & compilers

University of Chicago Chicago, IL

Max Desiatov MaxDesiatov
Software consultant, mostly coding for iOS and web in Swift and TypeScript. I co-maintain @swiftwasm.

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Alex Grebenyuk kean
Software Engineer. Prev @mailru. Moscovite. Likes porridge with 🍓

New York, NY

Richard Wei rxwei

@apple Bay Area

I work on Swift for TensorFlow.


Dan Zheng dan-zheng
Principled engineering

Google Bay Area

Gwendal Roué groue
iOS app developer, and author of a few open source libraries

Pierlis Paris, France

Simon Willison simonw

Datasette San Francisco, CA

Ben Scheirman subdigital
Host of NSScreencast, producing screencasts on iOS and Mac development.

NSScreencast Houston, TX, USA

Dave DeLong davedelong

ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha

Tanner tanner0101
Software engineer and creator of the Vapor web framework.

@vapor NYC

Quentin Zervaas HendX

Crunchy Bagel Adelaide, Australia

Brent Royal-Gordon brentdax
Figuring out how to be a compiler engineer.

@apple Cupertino, CA

Brandon Williams mbrandonw
Subterranean Homesick Mathematician.

@pointfreeco Brooklyn, NY

Matthew Johnson anandabits

Anandabits LLC Twin Cities

Karoy Lorentey lorentey


Joe Groff jckarter

Apple California

Mathew Polzin mattpolzin

@opallabs Portland, OR

Brandon Kase bkase
I like types and making things

@o1-labs San Francisco

Johannes Weiss weissi
#SwiftNIO core team

London, UK

Kyle Fuller kylef

Apiary London, England

Marcos Sánchez-Dehesa dehesa
Head of Product with extensive expertise in IoT, graphic rendering, and product development.


tomer doron tomerd

@apple San Francisco

Paul Hudson twostraws
Creator of Hacking with Swift, author of books about iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS, public speaker, Rubik's cube enthusiast, and herder of my kids.

@twostraws Bath, UK

Craig Hockenberry chockenberry

The Iconfactory TO THE LEFT OF THE A KEY

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