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// CollectionUtils.h
// MYUtilities
// Created by Jens Alfke on 1/5/08.
// Copyright 2008 Jens Alfke. All rights reserved.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
// Collection creation conveniences:
#define $array(OBJS...) ({id objs[]={OBJS}; \
[NSArray arrayWithObjects: objs count: sizeof(objs)/sizeof(id)];})
#define $marray(OBJS...) ({id objs[]={OBJS}; \
[NSMutableArray arrayWithObjects: objs count: sizeof(objs)/sizeof(id)];})
#define $dict(PAIRS...) ({struct _dictpair pairs[]={PAIRS}; \
_dictof(pairs,sizeof(pairs)/sizeof(struct _dictpair));})
#define $mdict(PAIRS...) ({struct _dictpair pairs[]={PAIRS}; \
_mdictof(pairs,sizeof(pairs)/sizeof(struct _dictpair));})
#define $object(VAL) ({__typeof(VAL) v=(VAL); _box(&v,@encode(__typeof(v)));})
// Apply a selector to each array element, returning an array of the results:
NSArray* $apply( NSArray *src, SEL selector, id defaultValue );
NSArray* $applyKeyPath( NSArray *src, NSString *keyPath, id defaultValue );
// Object conveniences:
BOOL $equal(id obj1, id obj2); // Like -isEqual: but works even if either/both are nil
NSString* $string( const char *utf8Str );
#define $sprintf(FORMAT, ARGS... ) [NSString stringWithFormat: (FORMAT), ARGS]
#define $cast(CLASSNAME,OBJ) ((CLASSNAME*)(_cast([CLASSNAME class],(OBJ))))
#define $castNotNil(CLASSNAME,OBJ) ((CLASSNAME*)(_castNotNil([CLASSNAME class],(OBJ))))
#define $castIf(CLASSNAME,OBJ) ((CLASSNAME*)(_castIf([CLASSNAME class],(OBJ))))
#define $castArrayOf(ITEMCLASSNAME,OBJ) _castArrayOf([ITEMCLASSNAME class],(OBJ)))
void setObj( id *var, id value );
BOOL ifSetObj( id *var, id value );
void setObjCopy( id *var, id valueToCopy );
BOOL ifSetObjCopy( id *var, id value );
static inline void setString( NSString **var, NSString *value ) {setObjCopy(var,value);}
static inline BOOL ifSetString( NSString **var, NSString *value ) {return ifSetObjCopy(var,value);}
BOOL kvSetSet( id owner, NSString *property, NSMutableSet *set, NSSet *newSet );
BOOL kvAddToSet( id owner, NSString *property, NSMutableSet *set, id objToAdd );
BOOL kvRemoveFromSet( id owner, NSString *property, NSMutableSet *set, id objToRemove );
#define $true ((NSNumber*)kCFBooleanTrue)
#define $false ((NSNumber*)kCFBooleanFalse)
@interface NSArray (MYUtils)
- (BOOL) my_containsObjectIdenticalTo: (id)object;
@interface NSSet (MYUtils)
+ (NSSet*) my_unionOfSet: (NSSet*)set1 andSet: (NSSet*)set2;
+ (NSSet*) my_intersectionOfSet: (NSSet*)set1 andSet: (NSSet*)set2;
+ (NSSet*) my_differenceOfSet: (NSSet*)set1 andSet: (NSSet*)set2;
@interface NSData (MYUtils)
- (NSString*) my_UTF8ToString;
#pragma mark -
#pragma mark FOREACH:
#define foreach(VAR,ARR) for(VAR in ARR)
struct foreachstate {NSArray *array; unsigned n, i;};
static inline struct foreachstate _initforeach( NSArray *arr ) {
struct foreachstate s;
s.array = arr;
s.n = [arr count];
s.i = 0;
return s;
#define foreach(VAR,ARR) for( struct foreachstate _s = _initforeach((ARR)); \
_s.i<_s.n && ((VAR)=[_s.array objectAtIndex: _s.i], YES); \
_s.i++ )
// Internals (don't use directly)
struct _dictpair { id key; id value; };
NSDictionary* _dictof(const struct _dictpair*, size_t count);
NSMutableDictionary* _mdictof(const struct _dictpair*, size_t count);
NSValue* _box(const void *value, const char *encoding);
id _cast(Class,id);
id _castNotNil(Class,id);
id _castIf(Class,id);
NSArray* _castArrayOf(Class,NSArray*);
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