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Log is a log and time-tracker available for Linux and macOS. Download it here.


Description Command
Import data import
Export data export
Start an entry start "Sector" "Project" "Description"
End an entry end or stop
Pause a session pause
Resume last session resume or continue
Edit an entry edit {ID} {attribute} "Lorem ipsum"
Set the interface's background colour bg {colour}
Set the interface's text colour colour {colour}
Set the interface's accent colour accent {colour}
Set a sector's colour code cc sector "Sector Name" "{colour}"
Set a project's colour code cc project "Project Name" "{colour}"
Set colour mode colourmode {sector/project}
Set view view {x}
Set calendar calendar {desamber/monocal/gregorian}
Set stat display mode stat {human/decimal}
Set time format time {12/24/decimal}
Rename a sector or project rename {sector/project} "Old Name" "New Name"


git clone
cd log
npm install
npm start


This project no longer supports Windows systems. You can still have Windows builds, though this will have to be done on your own and any Windows-only issue will not be dealt with.

electron-packager . Log --platform=win32  --arch=x64 --out ./build --overwrite

Josh Avanier

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