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  • Add global config... ability to set adjust weights or change ranges 0..1 to 1..100 or some such as well as set turn on fuzziness.
  • Update tests to be more story like to ensure good coverage.
  • qunit submodule is broken. > Need to remove submodule and add files back in.
  • Write a Jaro-Winkler string score in JS to compare see: &
  • Play nice with accented letters

Accented Letters Example

"Épendre".string_score("Ependre") => 0   // expecting 1 or nearly 1  É should be no more different from E then e
"Épendre".string_score("Ependre", 0.5) => 0.009523809523809525 // expecting 1 or nearly 1
"Amirauté".string_score("Amiraute") => 0
"Amirauté".string_score("Amiraute", 0.5) => 0.6166666666666666
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