A small audio manipulation and playback library that's written in C++.
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DromeAudio is a small audio manipulation and playback library that's
written in C++. It features a simple API for loading, generating,
processing, and playing audio.

DromeAudio was written by Josh Beam <josh@joshbeam.com> and is distributed
under a BSD-style license. There is NO WARRANTY for this software. See the
'COPYING' file included with DromeAudio for more information.

Some of DromeAudio's features include:

	- Loading and saving WAV sounds
	- Loading Ogg Vorbis sounds
	- Audio mixing and playback
	- Dynamic audio processing effects, including pitch shifting, oscillator,
	  and echo effects
	- Smart pointers with reference counting so that unused sounds are
	  automatically removed from memory

DromeAudio has been successfully tested and used on the following
operating systems / hardware architectures:

	- Arch Linux / x86
	- Mac OS X 10.6 / x86-64

DromeAudio uses the CMake build system, which can be found at:


DromeAudio can be used with the following optional libraries for
certain functionality:

	- vorbisfile (for Ogg Vorbis sound loading) - http://www.xiph.org/
	- SDL (for audio playback) - http://www.libsdl.org/
	- alsa-lib (for audio playback) - http://www.alsa-project.org/

DromeAudio should be built in a directory separate from its source
code. It can be built and installed by running the following commands
from the root source directory:

	mkdir build; cd build
	cmake .. && make && make install

See the 'examples' directory included with DromeAudio for sample
code using the library.