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jab_lighting-0.1 (June 7, 2003)

Written by Josh Beam <>

This is an OpenGL demo featuring dynamic lighting and shadows.
The lighting is achieved by multitexturing surfaces with dynamic lightmaps.
The shadows are created with stenciled shadow volumes, projected from a model
in the middle of the scene. Models can be loaded from md2 files, which are
used by Quake II (this demo doesn't include any md2 files, but it can run
without any and will just display dynamic lighting). Note that proper shadow
volumes can only be created from completely closed models; the male and female
models from Quake II work, many third-party models don't.

This program requires GLUT in addition to OpenGL. It has been
tested on Slackware Linux and OpenBSD.

To compile the program, just run 'make' from the jab_lighting-0.1 directory.
This will create an executable called 'main' and the program can then be
run like this:
	./main [<md2 model filename> <pcx skin filename>]

where <md2 model filename> is the name of an md2 model, and <pcx skin filename>
is the name of a PCX skin to texture the model with (must be 8-bit and
256x256, or any other size where the width and height are powers of 2).
You can also just run './main' and the demo will run without a model in the
middle of the scene.

The code for this program is released under a BSD-style license, and the PCX
images in the data directory are public domain.


An OpenGL demo featuring dynamic lighting and shadows.






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