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A well-commented blank Wordpress theme.

This blank WordPress theme is great for people who want to learn how to develop themes. The Naked WordPress theme is commented in-line so that as you’re building your WordPress theme, you understand what’s actually going on.

It’s like a WordPress tutorial + starter theme combined!

This theme includes all the basic units for a client site:

  • home page
  • about page
  • info page
  • blog page
  • etc.

Comments are included on each and every piece of the WordPress puzzle, so you can move things around intelligently, or remove them without worry.

Who this is for

  • Designers who want to design a WordPress theme, not build it
  • Designers familiar with HTML and CSS
  • Anyone not familiar with the quirks of WordPress PHP
  • Developers who want guidance on the structure and application of WordPress functions


Download the zipped theme source and upload it to your WordPress /themes directory.