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ChangeLog of JSch
Last modified: Tue Nov 2 11:59:57 JST 2010
Changes since version 0.1.43:
- bugfix: hmac-md5-96 and hmac-sha1-96 are broken. FIXED.
- bugfix: working around OOME in parsing broken data from the remote. FIXED.
- bugfix: failed to send very long command for exec channels. FIXED.
- bugfix: in some case, failed to get the response
for remote port-forwarding request. FIXED.
- feature: support for private keys ciphered with aes192-cbc and aes128-cbc.
Changes since version 0.1.42:
- bugfix: the remote window size must be in unsigned int. FIXED.
- bugfix: support for EBCDIC environment. FIXED.
- bugfix: data may be written to the closed channel. FIXED.
- bugfix: NPE in closing channels. FIXED.
- bugfix: the private key file may include garbage data before its header. FIXED.
- bugfix: the session down may not be detected during the re-keying process. FIXED.
- change: try keyboard-interactive auth with the given password if UserInfo is not given.
- change: working around the wrong auth method list sent by some SSHD
in the partial auth success.
- change: working around the CPNI-957037 Plain-text Recovery Attack.
- change: in searching for [host]:non-default port in known_hosts,
host:22 should be also checked.
- change: updating copyright messages; 2009 -> 2010
Changes since version 0.1.41:
- bugfix: making exec request during re-keying process will cause
the dead lock for the session. FIXED.
Many thanks for PanLi at Prominic dot NET and,
US based hosting company. Without their testing JSch with
hundreds of hosts and their bug reports, this problem
was not fixed.
- change: updating copyright messages; 2008 -> 2009
Changes since version 0.1.40:
- bugfix: canceling the remote port-forwarding with the incorrect
bind-address. FIXED.
- bugfix: sftp had missed to close the file in some case. FIXED.
- bugfix: ls(sftp) will throw an exception for the empty directory
in connecting to some sftpd server. FIXED.
- change: dropping the session gently in accepting incorrect packets.
- change: by the default, aes128-ctr will be chosen if it is available
on the local and the remote.
- feature: adding the support for the private key ciphered in AES256.
- feature: new ciphers: aes128-ctr,aes192-ctr,aes256-ctr,
3des-ctr,arcfour,arcfour128 ,arcfour256
Changes since version 0.1.39:
- bugfix: ProxySOCKS4 had not been functional. FIXED.
- bugfix: NPE at closing the session when it is not opened. FIXED.
- change: JSch#getConfing has become public.
Changes since version 0.1.38:
- bugfix: session will be dropped at rekeying. FIXED.
- bugfix: NPE should not be thrown at unexpected session drop. FIXED.
- change: Channel#getSession() may throw JSchExecption.
Changes since version 0.1.37:
- bugfix: NPE should not be thrown at unexpected session drop. FIXED.
- bugfix: AIOOBE at Session#connect(). FIXED.
- bugfix: Even if 'true' is given for
Channel#setOutputStream(OutputStream out, boolean dontclose)
as the second paramter, 'out' will be closed. FIXED.
- change: 'examples/' has been modified to demonstrate
ChannelSftp#reaplpath(String path)
- change: setEnv(Hashtable env) for exec and shell channels have been
marked as @deprecated
- feature: setEnv(String name, String value) has been added to exec
and shell channels.
- feature: setEnv(byte[] name, byte[] value) has been added to exec
and shell channels.
- feature: ChannelSftp#realpath(String path) has been added.
- feature: ChannelExec#setCommand(byte[] command) has been added.
- feature: com.jcraft.jsch.ChannelSftp.LsEntry has implemented
- feature: Session#getServerAliveInterval(), Session#getServerAliveCountMaX()
have been added.
Changes since version 0.1.36:
- bugfix: some sftpd will send invalid data in sftp protocol
point of view, and we need to work around such data. FIXED.
- bugfix: the stream forwarding had been broken since 0.1.30. FIXED.
- bugfix: failed to detect 'SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_OPEN_FAILURE'. FIXED.
- bugfix: ChannelSftp will generate the unfavorable absolute pathname
in some case. FIXED.
- bugfix: failed to ignore the invalid public-key file. FIXED.
- change: ignoring empty data sent by 'SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_DATA' and
- change: updating copyright messages; 2007 -> 2008
- change: build.xml will enable 'javac.debug' option by the default.
- change: added logging messages to IndentityFile and Session class.
- change: followings are deprecated methods,
InputStream ChannelSftp#get(String src,
int mode)
InputStream ChannelSftp#get(String src,
int mode)
- feature: following method is added,
InputStream ChannelSftp#get(String src,
SftpProgressMonitor monitor,
long skip)
Changes since version 0.1.35:
- bugfix: ChannelSftp can not handle the local filenames correctly on Windows. FIXED.
- bugfix: '/' must be handled as the file separator on JVM for Windows. FIXED.
- change: the system property
will be set to "false" for "gssapi-with-mic"
if that property is not given explicitly.
- change: added changes about ChannelSftp#{pwd(), home()} to
ChangeLog; 'Changes since version 0.1.34:' section.
Changes since version 0.1.34:
- bugfix: the OutputStream from the channel may make the JVM
lockup in some case. FIXED.
There was a possibility that Channel#connect() may be failed
to initialize its internal without throwing the JSchException.
On such case, the write operation for OutputStream from
that channel will cause the system(JVM) to lock up.
- bugfix: ChannelSftp had problems filename globbing. FIXED.
- bugfix: the message included in SSH_FXP_STATUS must be UTF-8. FIXED.
- change: ChannelSftp supports the filename globbing for
the filename in multi-byte characters.
- change: ChannelSftp will internally handle filenames in UTF-8 encoding.
- change: ChannelSftp#pwd() may throw an SftpException.
- change: ChannelSftp#home() may throw an SftpException.
- feature: following methods have been added in ChannelSftp
String getServerVersion()
String getClientVersion()
void setFilenameEncoding(String encoding)
String getExtension(String key)
Changes since version 0.1.33:
- bugfix: there had a possibility that the session may be broken
if ciphers for upward/downward streams are different. FIXED.
- bugfix: the authentication method "keyboard-interactive" had
not been tried without UserInfo. FIXED.
- bugfix: ChannelShell#setTerminalMode(byte[] terminal_mode) had
not been functional. FIXED.
- bugfix: the remote port-forwarding to the daemon had been broken
since 0.1.30. FIXED.
- change: the cipher "aes128-cbc" will be used if AES is available.
- change: the interface 'com.jcraft.jsch.ForwardedTCPIPDaemon' has been changed.
- change: the data transfer rate will be improved on some environment.
- feature: ChannelExec can control the size of pty;
ChannelExec#setPtySize(int col, int row, int wp, int hp) is
- feature: the property "CheckCiphers" has been added.
Refer to 'examples/'.
- feature: Session#setConfig(String key, String value),
JSch#setConfig(String key, String value) have been added.
Changes since version 0.1.32:
- bugfix: freeze in 'diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha1'. FIXED.
By the default, 'diffie-hellman-group1-sha1' will be used
and if you have not chosen 'diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha1'
explicitly, you don't have to worry about it.
- bugfix: there should be timeout mechanism in opening a socket
for remote port forwarding. FIXED.
At the failure or timeout, 'SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_OPEN_FAILURE'
will be sent to sshd.
- bugfix: there should be timeout mechanism in opening a socket
for X11 forwarding. FIXED.
At the failure or timeout, 'SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_OPEN_FAILURE'
will be sent to sshd.
Changes since version 0.1.31:
- bugfix: remote port forwarding will be hanged at its closing. FIXED.
- bugfix: X forwarding channels will be hanged and some resources
will be leaked whenever they are closed. FIXED.
- bugfix: failed to detect "Connection refused". FIXED.
- bugfix: at the failure for keyboard-interactive auth method,
a session will be terminated. FIXED.
- bugfix: due to the cancel for keyboard-interactive auth method,
a session will be terminated. FIXED.
- change: com.jcraft.jsch.jcraft.Compression#uncompress will respect
the argument "start".
- change: "gssapi-with-mic" will choose the default credential.
- feature: Session#setPortForwardingL will return the assigned local
TCP port number; TCP port will be assigned dynamically if lport==0.
- feature: support for SSH_MSG_UNIMPLEMENTED.
- feature: support for PASSWD_CHANGEREQ.
Changes since version 0.1.30:
- bugfix: a problem in padding for ciphered private key.
PKCS#5 padding should be used. FIXED.
- bugfix: crash in parsing invalid public key file. FIXED.
- bugfix: a public key may not have a comment. FIXED.
- bugfix: output stream from ChannelSftp#put will hang if it is closed
twice. FIXED.
- feature: agent forwarding. To enable this functionality,
Channel{Exec,Shell,Sftp}#setAgentForwarding(boolean enable) are added.
- feature: ChannelShell#setTerminalMode(byte[] terminal_mode) is added.
- feature: Session#setDaemonThread(boolean true) to run internal threads as
daemon threads.
- feature: an option "PreferredAuthentications" is added.
The default value is "gssapi-with-mic,publickey,keyboard-interactive,password".
- change: if alias-name is given, non-standard TCP port number will not be
saved in 'known_hosts' file.
Changes since version 0.1.29:
- bugfix: ChannelSftp#cd() will not throw an exception even if
a file is given. FIXED.
- bugfix: ChannelSftp#put() has a bug which will appear in using
on the slow network. FIXED.
- bugfix: ChannelSftp#ls() has a bug which will appear in using
on the slow network. FIXED.
- bugfix: a bug had sneaked in the remote port forwarding. FIXED.
- bugfix: some APIs from JCE have the memory leak on Mac OS X,
so we have re-written the code(com.jcraft.jsch.jcraft.HMAC*
classes) without them. On Mac OS X, such new classes will
be used automatically. FIXED.
- bugfix: the session will be crashed by the long banner message. FIXED.
- change: '/dev/random' will not be referred on Gnu/Linux.
- change: if non-standard TCP port number is used, that number will
be saved in known_hosts file as recent OpenSSH's ssh client does.
- change: Channel#getOutputStream will not use Piped{Output,Input}Stream.
- change: com.jcraft.jsch.HostKeyRepository interface has been
slightly modified.
- feature: Session#setPortForwardingR(String bind_address, ...) has been added.
- feature: the packet compression method '' has been supported.
- feature: the hashed known_hosts file has been supported.
Refer to 'examples/'.
- feature: the authentication method 'gssapi-with-mic' has been
experimentally supported.
- feature: com.jcraft.jsch.Logger interface and
JSch#setLogger(Logger logger) have been added.
Refer to 'examples/' for the usage.
Changes since version 0.1.28:
- bugfix: ChannelSftp#put will stack in some situations FIXED.
- bugfix: ChannelSftp invoked 'glob_remote' redundantly. FIXED.
- bugfix: ChannelSftp failed to make globbing for some file names. FIXED.
- bugfix: ChannelSftp did not carefully read its input-stream. FIXED.
- bugfix: ChannelSftp#lstat did not try globbing for given path. FIXED.
- bugfix: at closing channel, eof_lcoal and eof_remote did not
become true. FIXED.
- bugfix: IdentityFile did not carefully read file input-streams. FIXED.
- bugfix: KeyPair did not carefully read file input-streams. FIXED.
- bugfix: ProxySOCKS4 did not carefully read file input-streams. FIXED.
- bugfix: ProxySOCKS5 did not carefully read file input-streams. FIXED.
- bugfix: ForwardedTCPIPDaemom may fail in some situation. FIXED.
- bugfix: X forwarding failed to handle the magic-cookie
in some case FIXED.
Thanks to Walter Pfannenmller.
- bugfix: setKnownHosts in doesn't read the last
line if linefeed is missing FIXED.
Thanks to Henrik Langos.
- bugfix: With StrictHostKeyChecking set to yes connect()
shouldn't ask. FIXED.
Thanks to Henrik Langos.
- change: Identity#setPassphrase(String passphrase) is replaced with
Identity#setPassphrase(byte[] passphrase).
- change: IdentityFile will clear its internal secrets at finalizing.
- change: KeyPair will clear its internal secrets at finalizing.
- change: KeyPair will clear its internal secrets at finalizing.
- change: MAC#doFinal() is replaced with
MAC#doFile(byte[] buf, int offset)
- change: at TCP socket reading timeout, keep-alive message will be sent
to the remote sshd. To disable this functionality, invoke
explicitly Session.setServerAliveCountMax(0)
- change: PortWatcher stops to use InetAddress.getByAddress().
- change: in the user authentication, username, password and passphrase
will be encoded in UTF-8.
- change: JSch#addIdentity will check duplicate keys.
- change: SftpException#message has been deleted.
- change: SftpException#getMessage() will return the detailed message.
- feature: IdentityFile#setPassphrase(byte[] passphrase) is added.
- feature: IdentityFile#clear() is added to clear its internal secrets.
- feature: KeyPair#decrypt(byte[] passphrase) is added.
- feature: JSch#addIdentity(String path, byte[] passphrase) is added.
- feature: JSch#getIdentityNames() is added.
- feature: JSch#removeIdentity(String name) is added.
- feature: JSch#removeAllIdentity() is added.
- feature: ChannelSftp#readlink(String path) is added.
- feature: ChannelSftp#getHome() is added.
- feature: Channel#connect(int connectTimeout) is added.
- feature: ChannelShell#setPtyType(String ttype) is added.
- feature: Session#setPassword(byte[] password) is added.
- feature: Session#setHostKeyAlias(String alias) is added.
- feature: KeepAlive is implemented and
Session#setServerAliveInterval(int interval) and
Session#setServerAliveCountMax(int count) are added.
- feature: Session#sendKeepAliveMsg() is added.
- feature: JSchException#getCause() may return a reason.
- feature: SftpException#getCause() may return a reason.
- feature: ChannelExec#setErrStream(OutputStream out, boolean dontclose)
is added.
Changes since version 0.1.27:
- bugfix: ChannelSftp#localAbsolutePath did not work correctly. FIXED.
- bugfix: ChannelSftp#chmod did not work for directory. FIXED.
- bugfix: ProxyHTTP had a bug in processing HTTP headers. FIXED.
- bugfix: messages before server's version string should be ignored. FIXED.
- feature: Environment Variable Passing.
Changes since version 0.1.26:
- bugfix: there was a session crash bug. That occurrence is rare, but
depends on the thread scheduling. FIXED.
- bugfix: problems in generating remote/local absolute paths on sftp. FIXED.
- bugfix: problems in handling cancel operations for sftp. FIXED.
- bugfix: ChannelX11s were not terminated for a wrong cookie. FIXED.
- bugfix: NoSuchAlgorithmException should be thrown if JCE is not
accessible. FIXED.
- bugfix: ProxyHTTP should check the return code from proxy. FIXED.
- bugfix: server's version string should be checked carefully. FIXED.
- feature: some more improvements on sftp uploading.
- feature: 'getUserName' method is added to Session class.
Changes since version 0.1.25:
- bugfix: infinite loop/hang on connection at unexpected error during
key-exchanging operation. FIXED
- bugfix: delays on sftp uploading. FIXED
- bugfix: failed to purge a host-key from its repository in some case. FIXED.
- feature: SOCKS4 proxy
Changes since version 0.1.24:
- bugfix: remote port forwarding is not established. FIXED.
- bugfix: failed to parse known_hosts file if it has a long public key blob.
- bugfix: sftp put/get operations keep failing. FIXED.
- bugfix: ChannelShell.setXForwarding always set xforwarding to be true. FIXED.
- change: ChannelShell.setPty is added.
- change: Proxy interface is free from session object.
- change: added examples/ to demonstrate NONE Cipher switching.
- feature: added NONE Cipher switching support.
- feature: timeout check will be enabled for proxy connections.
Changes since version 0.1.23:
- bugfix: there was resource leak problems in closing local port forwardings.
- bugfix: there was a session crash problems in using aes-cbc cipher. FIXED.
- change: ChannelSession.setPtySize was redefined.
- feature: added SocketFactory for remote port forwarding.
Session.setPortForwardingR(int rport, String host, int lport,
SocketFactory sf)
- feature: added ServerSocketFactory for local port forwarding.
Session.setPortForwardingL(String boundaddress,
int lport, String host, int rport,
ServerSocketFactory ssf)
Changes since version 0.1.22:
- bugfix: there was a freeze problem at fails on key-exchanging. FIXED.
- bugfix: race-condition forcefully disconnects session in closing channels.
Changes since version 0.1.21:
- bugfix: there is a bug in read() method implementation for the
input-stream returned from ChannelSftp.get(). FIXED.
- bugfix: at fail on requesting for the remote port forwarding,
an exception should be thrown. FIXED.
- bugfix: SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_OPEN request for the X11 forwarding should not
be accepted if clients don not expect it. FIXED.
- bugfix: there is a problem in transferring large data(mote than 1GB)
to sshd from recent OpenSSH(3.6.1 or later). FIXED.
For security concerns, those sshd will re-key periodically and
jsch had failed to handle it.
- bugfix: 'exec', 'shell' and 'sftp' channels will fail if the acceptable
packet size by remote sshd is not so large. FIXED.
- bugfix: there are problems in 'InputStream ChannelSftp.get(String)'
and 'OutputStream put(String)'. FIXED.
- feature: added boolean flag 'dontclose' to
* setInputStream(),
* setOutputStream() and
* setExtOutputStream()
methods of Channel class.
- feature: added 'com.jcraft.jsch.ChannelSubsystem'
- feature: allowed to control the compression level in the packet compression.
Refer to 'examples/'.
- change: modified 'com/jcraft/jsch/jce/' to be complied
on JDK 1.2.
- change: 'examples/' and 'examples/' will use
'long' type for the file size instead of 'int'.
- change: 'Identity.getSignature' method will not expect 'session'.
- change: while waiting for socket connection establishment, Thread.join
will be used instead of Thread.sleep.
Changes since version 0.1.20:
- known issue: there are problems in 'InputStream ChannelSftp.get(String)'
and 'OutputStream put(String)'. They will be re-implemented
in the next release.
- bugfix: EOF packets should not be sent twice. This bug had crashed
the session on every channel close. FIXED.
- bugfix: at the fail on opening connection to remote sshd,
a misleading exception "invalid server's version string"
had been thrown. FIXED.
- bugfix: fixed a bug in hadling the size of remote channel window.
- bugfix: channels should not be closed even if EOF is received. FIXED.
- bugfix: fixed bugs in file name globbing on sftp.
- change: to transfer packets efficiently, the size of internal buffer
for each channel has been increased.
- change: will return a vector of
com.jcraft.jsch.ChannelSftp.LsEntry. Sorry for inconveniences.
- feature: added ForwardedTCPIPDaemon. Refer to 'examples/',
which demonstrates to provide network services like inetd.
- feature: ChannelExec.setPty() method to request for assigning pseudo tty.
- feature: added ciphers "aes128-cbc", "aes192-cbc" and "aes256-cbc".
Refer to 'examples/'.
- feature: local port-forwarding settings can be dynamically deleted
by the bound address.
- feature: added 'Channel.isClosed()'. Channel.getExitStatus() should be
invoked after Channel.isClosed()==true.
Changes since version 0.1.19:
- ClassCastException while calling ChannelExec.finalize() method. FIXED.
Thanks to wswiatek at ais dot pl.
Changes since version 0.1.18:
- fixed problems related to thread-safety.
Thanks to Eric Meek at cs dot utk dot edu.
- At the lost of the network connectivity to the remote SSHD, clients
connected to the local port were never made aware of the
disconnection. FIXED.
- fixed confusions in handling EOFs from local input stream and
the input stream for remote process.
- 'com.jcraft.jsch.jce.AES128CBC' is added, but it is not be functional in
this release. It will work in the next release.
- Some sshd(Foxit-WAC-Serve) waits for SSH_MSG_NEWKEYS request before
sending it. FIXED.
- fixed a problem in connecting to Cisco Devices.
Thanks to Jason Jeffords at comcast dot net.
- changed the method 'add' of 'HostKeyRepository' interface.
- 'UIKeyborarInteracetive' will ignore empty prompt by sshd.
- added 'sendIgnore()' method to 'Session' class.
- added '-p' for scp command in 'examples/' to preserve
modification times, access times, and modes from the original file.
Changes since version 0.1.17:
- added 'com.jcraft.jsch.HostKeyRepository' interface.
It will allow you to handle host keys in your own repository
(for example, RDB) instead of using 'known_hosts' file.
- added methods to get the finger-print of host keys.
refer to 'examples/'.
- improved 'known_hosts' file handling.
- comment lines will be kept.
- SSH1 host keys will be kept.
- each hostname can have multiple host keys.
- fixed a crash bug in processing private keys which have too long key-bits.
Changes since version 0.1.16:
- 'com.jcraft.jsch.jce.DHG1' and 'com.jcraft.jsch.jce.DHGEX' are moved to
'com.jcraft.jsch' package.
- added APIs to handle hostkeys included in 'known_hosts',
- allowing to set timeout value in opening sockets,
Session.connect(int timeout)
Changes since version 0.1.15:
- adding support of setting mtime for remote files on sftp channel.
- setKnownHosts method of JSch class will accept InputStream.
- implementation of Basic password authentication for HTTP proxy.
- fixed a bug in checking which ssh protocol version remote sshd supports
- SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_OPEN_FAILURE will be handled correctly.
- methods in SftpATTRS class has been public.
- working around SIGBLOB bug hidden in older sshd.
Changes since version 0.1.14:
- fixed a crash bug in accepting keep-alive messages.
- the parent directory of 'known_hosts' file will be created
if it does not exist.
- the Subsystem channel support was removed.
Changes since version 0.1.13:
- added 'setClientVersion' method to Session class.
- fixed hung-up problem on SftpChannel in connecting to
the sshd, which does not support sftp.
- fixed OutOfMemory exception problem in decrypting a private key
with bad passphrase.
- fixed hung-up problem in communicating with the sshd,
whose window size is small.
- RuntimeExceptions will be thrown from jsch APIs.
have been supported.
Changes since version 0.1.12:
- added the partial authentication support.
- allowing to change the passphrase of a private key file
instead of creating a new private key.
- added 'examples/'
- the interface 'UIKeyboardInteractive' has been modified.
Changes since version 0.1.11:
- RSA keypair generation.
- added the method 'getFingerPrint' to KeyPair class,
which will return the finger print of the public key.
- fixed a bug in generating non-ciphered private key.
Changes since version 0.1.10:
- fixed a bug in the password authentication, sneaked in
0.1.9. By this bug, the password authentication had failed every time.
Changes since version 0.1.9:
- username and password can be in UTF-8 encoding.
- DSA keypair generation.
- added 'examples/', which demonstrates
the DSA keypair generation.
Changes since version 0.1.8:
- fixed crash problems on the local port forwarding.
- fixed crash problems on the remote port forwarding.
- added setErrStream() and getErrStream() to ChannelExec.
- added keyboard-interactive authentication support.
- modified TripleDESCBC to support IBM's JDK 1.4.1.
- added 'examples/', which demonstrates keyboard-interactive
Changes since version 0.1.7:
- added APIs for sftp resume downloads and uploads.
The author greatly appreciates
elpernotador(webmaster at unlix dot com dot ar),
who motivated him to hack this functionality.
- 'examples/' demonstrates sftp resume functionality.
Please refer to "put-resume", "put-append", "get-resume" and
"get-append" command.
- added the support of 'window-change' request.
- fixed a freeze bug in 'Inputstream get(String src)' method of 'ChannelSftp'
Changes since version 0.1.6:
- added 'int getExitStatus()' method to 'Channel' class.
- fixed crash bugs in closing channels for port forwarding.
- fixed glitches in managing forwarded ports.
Changes since version 0.1.5:
- fixed crash bugs in port forwarding.
- modified to use "ssh-rsa" for key-exchanging by the default.
- the port forwarding setting can be canceled dynamically.
- fixed a freeze bug in getting an empty file on sftp channel.
Changes since version 0.1.4:
- fixed a bug in managing local window size.
The local window should be consumed by CHANNEL_EXTENDED_DATA packet.
- checking the availability of the ssh session in opening channels.
In some case, ssh session had been freezed.
- will be refereed in generating local pathname
on sftp channel.
- absolute local pathname will be handled correctly on sftp channel.
Changes since version 0.1.3:
- fixed a serious bug, which had leaked resources related to
- added the older SFTP protocol(version 0, 1, 2) support.
- fixed a problem in the authentication step for FSecure's sshd.
- fixed a bug, which had broken Diffie-Hellman key exchange in some case.
- implemented the file name globbing for local files on sftp session.
- fixed a bug in the file name globbing.
- added an interface 'SftpProgressMonitor'.
- modified 'examples/' to demonstrate displaying progress-bar
in transferring files.
Changes since version 0.1.2:
- modified 'build.xml' to allow Ant users to compile jsch with debug
support (i.e. line-number tables) by overriding the property
javac.debug on the command line.
- added a property 'StrictHostKeyChecking'.
- added 'UserAuthNone' class to request a list of authentication methods on
remote sshd.
- channels will be managed in each sessions.
- added 'ChannelSubsystem', which allows users to use their own
implementations for subsystems.
- added 'isEOF()' method to 'Channel' class.
- supported key pair files in DOS file format.
Changes since version 0.1.1:
- added the file name globbing support on sftp session.
- fixed a bug in the public key authentication.
When there was not a public key in ~/.ssh/, that problem occurred.
- improved the 'setTimeout' method.
- fixed a typo in 'LICENSE.txt'
Changes since version 0.1.0:
- added 'rekey' method to 'Session' class for key re-exchanging.
- added 'rekey' and 'compression' command to 'examples/'.
- added new 'get' and 'put' methods to 'ChannelSftp'.
Those methods will operate I/O streams.
- methods in 'ChannelSftp' will throw 'SftpException'
- 'ChannelSftp.Ssh_exp_name' is added for the output of 'ls'.
Thanks to Graeme Vetterlein.
- added 'setTimeout' and 'getTimeout' methods to 'Session' class.
- guess will be done in the algorithm negotiation step.
- FSecure's DSA private key has been supported partially.
- hostkeys will be saved into 'known_hosts' file.
- fixed a bug in 'Util.toBase64' method.
- 'Identity' will reject unrecognized keys.
- 'build.xml' will check if jzlib is available or not.
Thanks to Stefan Bodewig.
- added javadoc target in 'build.xml'.
Thanks to Robert Anderson.
Changes since version 0.0.13:
- fixed a bug in connecting to Fsecure's sshd on Windows.
- the license is changed to BSD style.
Changes since version 0.0.12:
- fixed a bug in verifying DAS signatures.
- added 'SftpATTR' class, which allow you to get attributes of remote files on
sftp channel, and 'stat', 'lstat' method are added to 'ChannelSftp' class.
- added 'getInputStream' and 'getOutputStream' methods Channel class, which
return passive I/O streams.
- 'setIdentity' method is deleted from 'Session' class and
'addIdentity' method is added to 'JSch' class
- 'setUserName' method is deleted from 'Session' class and
'getSession' method of 'JSch' class is changed.
- 'isConnected' method is added to 'Session' class.
- 'UserInfo' interface is changed.
Changes since version 0.0.11:
- taking care of remote window size.
- adding 'disconnect' method to 'Channel' and 'Session' classes.
- signal sending support.
- 'mkdir' command for sftp.
- 'fromBase64' method has been moved to Util class and 'toBase64' method has
also been added to that class.
- 'KnownHosts' class for checking host-key in 'known_host' file.
- 'examples/' has been added.
- 'setUserName' and 'setPassword' methods have been added to Session class.
- 'UserInfo' interface has been changed.
- The implementation of compression has moved to 'com.jcraft.jsch.jcraft'
- fixed a bug in handling 'SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_REQUET' request.
- fixed a bug in sending multiple requests on a single session.
Changes since version 0.0.10:
- Diffie-Hellman key exchange 'diffie-hellman-group1-sha1' is supported.
Refer to 'src/com/jcraft/jsch/jce/'.
Thanks to Mitsugu Kitano, whose feedback was very helpful.
- By the default, 'diffie-hellman-group1-sha1' will be used in the
key exchange step.
- The file attribute on 'SSH File Transfer Protocol' is supported.
Now, we can say JSch supports 'SSH File Transfer Protocol'.
- 'examples/' is updated.
'chgrp','chown','chmod' commands are supported.
Changes since version 0.0.9:
- SSH File Transfer Protocol is supported partially.
- 'examples/' is added.
This example is a tiny sftp command and supports 'cd','put','get','rm',etc.
- 'close' method is added to Channel interface.
- build.xml for examples is added.
Thanks to Ronald Broberg.
Changes since version 0.0.8:
- the tunneling through a SOCKS5 proxy is supported.
- 'examples/' is added.
- 'com.jcraft.jsch.UserInfo' interface is modified.
Changes since version 0.0.7:
- Packet comression is supported.
- 'examples/' is added.
- JZlib is included.
Changes since version 0.0.6:
- RSA host key is supported.
- RSA public key authentication is supported.
Changes since version 0.0.5:
- DSA public key authentication is supported.
- examples/ is added.
- examples/ is added.
Changes since version 0.0.4:
- 3des-cbc is supported.
- hmac-sha1 is supported.
- hmac-md5-96 is supported.
- hmac-sha1-96 is supported.
Changes since version 0.0.3:
- port forwarding, similar to the -L option of SSH.
- examples/ is added.
- examples/ is added.
- examples/ is renamed as examples/
- stream forwarding is added.
- ChannelSftp class is added for implementing filexfer.
- interfaces for jsch users are changed.
Changes since version 0.0.2:
- remote exec is supported.
- examples/ is added.
- build.xml and some scripts for Ant are added. (lbruand)
- Const class is added. (lbruand)
Changes since version 0.0.1:
- the tunneling via HTTP proxy is supported.
- port forwarding like option -R of ssh command.
the given port on the remote host will be forwarded to the given host
and port on the local side.
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