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Josh Benham's personal VIM setup


Personal VIM setup that i use on an everyday basis. Includes git submodules of plugins that i use. i.e. FZF, Fugitive and Airline.


# remember to backup your old vim directory/settings
$ mv ~/.vim ~/.vim-bak
$ mv ~/.vimrc ~/.vimrc-bak

# grab the repo
$ git clone ~/.vim

# symlink the rc file into your home directory
$ ln -s ~/.vim/vimrc ~/.vimrc

Remove (At your own risk!)

Make sure you have the ~/.vim-bak folder and the ~/.vimrc-bak file. If you do then you can continue.

# remove the ~/.vim folder
$ rm -rf ~/.vim

# remove the ~/.vimrc file
$ rm ~/.vimrc

# restore the old ~/.vim and ~/.vimrc
$ mv ~/.vim-bak ~/.vim
$ mv ~/.vimrc-bak ~/.vimrc