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Project for putting Blockchain data into Elasticsearch
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LICENSE Update instructions Jan 15, 2019


Project for putting Blockchain data into Elasticsearch

Getting started

Start up elasticsearch and Kibana You will need to add a mapping for every json file in the mappings directory.

Your bitcoin.conf should look like this


When you run the bitcoin client, use the -txindex option ./bitcoin-qt -txindex The first time you run this, it's going to take a crazy long time to sync the network.

You should be able to just run "" and wait. A long time.

You can find some price data here

Processing the nulldata

Once you have all the blocks and transactions syncd, first run the script. It takes time to run. This will build an index of all nulldata transactions.

Once that script is done, create a directory named sorted with subdirectories a-f and 0-9 in it. Run the script to link the transactions together that matter and write them out to disk.

If you want to put ASCII content into elasticsearch for parsing you can use the script. It needs to be run from inside the sorted directory.

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