Collection of scripts to log wifi data into elasticsearch
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raspberrypi-files Add various files for the project Jul 22, 2017


Collection of scripts to log wifi data into elasticsearch

Putting this together is pretty painful, this repo is really just a backup for my various scripts.

The basic setup is you have a raspberry pi that runs kismet to log traffic. We run kismet for 20 seconds at a time, have it log to disk, then restart. This gives us a nice way to just look at all the previous files. We're not worried about catching everything so losing time in startup and shutdown is OK. We also keep running kismet in this manner because sometimes I was seeing the process wedge. Rather than debug it, I took the easy way out.

We then use tshark to parse the kismet pcap files and output something we can hand to logstash. Filebeat is a great way to get data from the pi to logstash. Logstash puts everything in elasticsearch, then we can create dashboards and visualaizations.