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# Why use bundler?
# Well, not all development dependencies install on all rubies. Moreover, `gem
# install sinatra --development` doesn't work, as it will also try to install
# development dependencies of our dependencies, and those are not conflict free.
# So, here we are, `bundle install`.
# If you have issues with a gem: `bundle install --without-coffee-script`.
RUBY_ENGINE = 'ruby' unless defined? RUBY_ENGINE
source :rubygems unless ENV['QUICK']
gem 'rake'
gem 'rack-test', '>= 0.5.6'
gem 'haml', '>= 3.0', :group => 'haml'
gem 'builder', :group => 'builder'
gem 'erubis', :group => 'erubis'
gem 'less', :group => 'less'
gem 'liquid', :group => 'liquid'
gem 'nokogiri', :group => 'nokogiri'
gem 'slim', :group => 'slim'
gem 'RedCloth', :group => 'redcloth'
gem 'coffee-script', '>= 2.0', :group => 'coffee-script'
gem 'rdoc', :group => 'rdoc'
platforms :ruby do
gem 'rdiscount', :group => 'rdiscount'
platforms :ruby_18, :jruby do
gem 'json', :group => 'coffee-script'
gem 'markaby', :group => 'markaby'
gem 'radius', :group => 'radius'
platforms :mri_18 do
# bundler platforms are broken
next if RUBY_ENGINE != 'ruby' or RUBY_VERSION > "1.8"
gem 'rcov', :group => 'rcov'