SPOILER ALERT! A happy little bit of javascript to hide spoilers on your site.
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Don't spoil it! Hide copy and images with a bit of SVG blur. Taste on mouseover. Eat on click.

Do you publish spoilers? Do you wish you could have them on your page in a way that wasn't fucking rude? With Spoiler Alert! you can! Hide spoilers with a bit of blur.


To make your site spoiler free, simply include spoiler.js, then, add this somewhere:

spoilerAlert('spoiler, .spoiler');

To control the maximum and partial blurs, you can pass arguments:

spoilerAlert('spoiler, .spoiler', {max: 10, partial: 4});

Have fun! Play with it!


Take a look at this to see it in action!

Tested browsers

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Mobile Safari