A cocktail management app built with various JS technology
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Cocktail Manager

A little experiment in node to create a simple CRUD app to save cocktail recipes. Right now, this add can save, list, and view cocktails.

Built with:

  • Express on NodeJS
  • jQuery
  • Jade
  • Mongoose on MongoDB
  • Bootstrap v3
  • Passport.js
  • Underscore.js
  • Async.js

View the live demo here » (finally up!!)


I finished an in-depth full-stack JS class in June 2014 but never had the chance to build something completely on my own. At the same time, my cocktail recipe collection was getting a little out-of-hand and was stored on [gasp] paper.

This is my attempt to use what I learned to solve a very unimportant problem I was having with the JS tools I learned. Once this is is feature complete, I want to try out the major MVC frameworks to see what can be gained (or lost). Already the mish-mash of jQuery "partials" is a little unweildy so I'm guessing I can improve the maintainability a bit


A few samples of what you'll see if you don't feel like installing it yourself.

Cocktail listing

Cocktail Manager home page

Cocktail editing

Cocktail Manager edit

Cocktail viewing

Cocktail Manager edit


  • npm
  • mongod

Install and run

  1. git clone git@github.com:joshcanhelp/cocktail-manager.git or similar
  2. cd cocktail-manager
  3. npm install
  4. mkdir db
  5. mongod --dbpath ./db
  6. node index.js
  7. Go to http://localhost:3000 if this is on your local machine
  8. Click on "Login" and you should see a message directing you to create a user. Enter your email and password twice to create the single admin user
  9. After submitting, you should be logged in and able to add/edit cocktails


  1. Create a full testing scheme with Mocha and Chai
  2. Build out the API for use with MVC frameworks
  3. Add Backbone with a specific Grunt build task
  4. Add Angular with a specific Grunt build task
  5. Add Ember with a specific Grunt build task