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Added documentation for generating friendly URLs
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@@ -195,6 +195,20 @@ However, the <tt>paginate</tt> helper doesn't automatically handle your Array ob
<tt>Kaminari::paginate_array</tt> method converts your Array object into a paginatable Array that accepts <tt>page</tt> method.
+== Creating friendly URLs and caching
+Because of the `page` parameter and Rails 3 routing, you can easily generate SEO and user-friendly URLs. For any resource you'd like to paginate, just add the following to your `routes.rb`:
+ resources :my_resources do
+ get 'page/:page', :action => :index, :on => :collection
+ end
+This will create URLs like `/my_resources/page/33` instead of `/my_resources?page=33`. This is now a friendly URL, but it also has other added benefits...
+Because the `page` parameter is now a URL segment, we can leverage on Rails page caching[]!
+NOTE: In this example, I've pointed the route to my `:index` action. You may have defined a custom pagination action in your controller - you should point `:action => :your_custom_action` instead.
== For more information

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