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A convenient project structure for making games in pico-8.
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PAC is a convenient project structure for making games in pico-8.


Make sure ruby and pico-8 are installed on your machine.

Clone this repository to the directory used by pico-8.

You must include function identifiers in your PACFILE in order to use them. See the Library section to learn more about the functions.

To compile your project into the game.p8 file, run

ruby pac.rb compile

If you have fswatch installed, use the command

fswatch -o game/ | xargs -n1 ruby pac.rb compile

to automatially watch for saved changes in the game/ folder and then compile your game.

File Structure

The files are compiled in the order:

  • Config (found in game/config.p8)
  • Included PAC library functions
  • User defined functions (found in game/functions/)
  • Sprites (found in game/sprites.p8)
  • Sounds (found in game/sounds.p8)
  • Globals (found in game/globals.p8)
  • PICO-8 generated data


The draw and update functions are organized into modes, which are controlled by the global mode variable. If you have the mode game make sure that the functions and exist. These functions can be placed in the game/functions/draw/ and game/functions/update/ folders, respectively.

To generate a new mode you can run

ruby pac.rb generate mode mode_name

and to destroy a mode you can run

ruby pac.rb destroy mode mode_name

Buttons and Colors

Objects have been created for buttons and colors since they remain constant and the corresponding codes are hard to remember. For example, buttons.left returns 0 and returns 8.


pac.mod(a, b)

Activated by including mod in your PACFILE.

Calculates a % b.

pac.print(string, x, y, color)

Activated by including print in your PACFILE.

At first glace, this looks very similar to the pico-8 print function.

However, x accepts left, center, and right as arguments, and y accepts top, middle, and bottom as arguments.

If color is nil, it defaults to 6 (light grey).


Activated by including length in your PACFILE.

Returns the length of an object or string.

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