A simple PHP web proxy.
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by Joshua Dick


About miniProxy

miniProxy is a simple web proxy written in PHP that can allow you to bypass Internet content filters, or to browse the internet anonymously. miniProxy is licensed under the GNU GPL v3. miniProxy is the successor to pageForward.


miniProxy should be able to run on any web server with PHP 5.4.7 or later. miniProxy requires PHP's curl and mbstring extensions to be installed.

Installation and Use

Simply copy miniProxy.php to your web server (it's okay to rename it) and access it directly. That's it! You'll be presented with further usage instructions.

miniProxy doesn't require any configuration out of the box, but configuration options are available; see the top of miniProxy.php for details.

Known Limitations

miniProxy has several known limitations. Some of them may be fixed in future releases. For now, they include:

  • <object> tags are not handled
  • No cookie support
  • Basic AJAX support, but only for browsers that use XMLHttpRequest

Contact and Feedback

If you'd like to contribute to miniProxy or file a bug or feature request, please visit its GitHub page.