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A minimal, curses-based clock, for your terminal. Inspired by the QlockTwo by Biegert&Funk.

qlock screenshot


Release binary

Prebuilt binaries can be found on the releases page. Download the archive for your computer's architecture, extract the binary, and put it inside your $PATH.

$ wget -q
$ tar -xf qlock-linux-amd64.tar.gz
$ sudo install qlock /usr/bin/qlock

You can then launch qlock by running:

$ qlock -help

From source

Alternatively, you can build it yourself by cloning the repo, and then running:

$ make build

You can then launch qlock by running:

$ ./dist/qlock -help



You can pass the -help flag to display the help text:

$ qlock -help
Usage of qlock:
  -off-color string
        color for disabled letters (default "black")
  -on-color string
        color for enabled letters (default "blue")
        print version and exit


You can pass the -on-color and -off-color flags to control the color of the enabled and disabled UI elements respectively.

Both flags can take any of the 8 standard color names (black, red, green, yellow, blue, magenta, cyan, or white).

Additionally, a +bold suffix can be added to use the bold color variant (like -color-on green+bold).

Bug Reporting

If you encounter an issue, please report it!

When reporting, please include:

  • A screenshot of your terminal (drag an image into the issue description box to attach it).
  • Any interaction workflow details (resizing/dragging/clicking/etc).
  • Your system's architecture (like linux/amd64).

Thank you!


This code is distributed under the BSD 3-Clause License, see LICENSE.txt for more information.