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Simple Javascript representation of a Go board:
Started: go.js
Simplify Code
Wrap in a Go object or JS class
Depends on:
Recode in CoffeScript ??
Code for Node ??
Both: Node and CoffeeScript (Zappa)
Use Array (or set) generator/consumer instead of recursion:
Add Tests
@checkRec(r, c, p, fcn)
May need to add to Array.prototype for IE:
Represent Go Game:
Two active players: White and Black
stones: White and Black
Board Size:
5x5: DONE
9x9: DONE
13x13: DONE
19x19: DONE
Legal Moves
Surrounded stones
Captured stones
@moveAndCapture(cell): deleted
@findCaptures(r, c, p) and @canCapture(r,c,p)
Eyes & Covered Eyes
Cannot capture own stones (illegal move)
End game: both players Pass.
Go Terms (optional):
Chains: two or more stones of the same color that are placed next to each other (non-diagonally).
Liberties: empty space next to a Chain.
Eyes: empty spaces (BLANKs) inside a group of stones.
Living stones: group that cannot be killed (two or more eyes).
Go capture: play go until first stone is captured.
More Advanced:
Winning & Quiting
Ko: cannot make a capture that brings the board right back to where it was before.
Handicap Stones
Chinese: number of living stones + eyes
Japanese: number of captured stones + territory
Komi: bonus points
White player given 6.5 points of Komi since goes second
Time Limits ??
Display Game:
Forms for user input:
User Name
Color (Black or White): go.html
Skill Level??
Quit Button
Canvas Tag for Displaying Go Game: gocanvas.js, go.html
Click to place stone
Confirm button needed ??
Use excanvas for IE7 : js/excanvas.min.js
Fallback to HTML or use browser upgrade message/link to IE9 ??
Grid Lines:
Middle line instead of border lines
Click on crossroads instead of center of square
Go Tutorial:
SGF Spec:
Black or White [posx, posy]: ;B[a-ta-t];W[a-ta-t]
Example: 9x9 Go Board with 2 point handicap and two moves
(;GM[1]FF[4]SZ[9]HA[2]AB[fd][df];W[dd];B[ff] ...)
Go Game Server:
Separate Project
Use Zappa or other framework
Two players (default)
Viewers for public games
Multiple games per server
Use online Go standards to make interoperable ??
Making a computer be a really good Go player is
known as a Hard Problem in Artificial Intelligence circles.
Much more difficult than Chess because so many more positions
Probably requires specific and general pattern recognition
Look at:
Surreal Numbers
Neural Nets
Fuzzy Logic
Pattern Recognition
Visual/2d Pattern Recognition
Look for expert help:
Expert AI Programmers
Go Masters
Mobile Version:
Wrap in WebView
Gestures & buttons
Easily Zoom in & Out
See see last move