Convert JSON dates (ISO8601_DateStrings) to a Javascript Date Object for older browsers
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Older versions of browsers, including Android Webkit, do not support JSON formatted date strings.

If you do

var d = new Date();
var e = new Date(JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(d)));

you will get an Invalid Date on some browsers.


var now = new Date();
var asJson = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(now));  // "2012-02-28T05:29:16.431Z"
var json_date = now.toJSON(); // ditto
if (self.console) console.log(json_date === asJson); // true
var today = new Date( json_date );  // 'Invalid Date' for some older browsers, including Webkit.
var created = Date.create( json_date ); // Ditto

Proposed solution:

Date.fromJSON(dateString);  // convert from JSON format (ISO8601_DateString) to a Javascript Date
Date.isInvalid(date); // return true if date is an 'Invalid Date'

and the unit tests would basically be:

Date.fromJSON( d.toJSON() ) == d // true for all valid Dates d
Date.fromJSON( dstr ).toJSON() == dstr // true for all valid JSON datestrings.