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jQM-1.0.0 / 2011-12-01

  • Small Fixes: #124, #122, #121, #123
  • Merge pull request #118 from Skinney/master
  • Merge pull request #117 from frietsch/master
  • Add versioning to build process - speed up bugfix release process
  • Add option "forceInheritTheme" as a halfway meetign with #110
  • Missed a few use cases on the magic updating set button. Referenced in #110
  • Fix data-theme inheritance for input element (something was wrong - it grabs the first parent it sees now, or uses "c" as default, same as jQM core
  • Add hidden combo of useInlineHideInput and centerWindow - seems to work as expected
  • Add i8n: it-IT italian
  • Add i8n: Norwegian Bokmaal translation.
  • No idea what the origin of that CSS line was, but with it, the dialog title bar is wider than the dialog body.

jQM-1.0rc3 / 2011-11-14

  • Merge pull request #116 from zmszaman/master
  • Merge pull request #115 from jrunge/master
  • Merge pull request #114 from agcolom/patch-1
  • Merge pull request #113 from jrunge/master
  • Merge pull request #111 from rodrigoalvesvieira/pt-BR
  • Merge pull request #108 from rodrigoalvesvieira/master
  • Fix calStartDay
  • Add Option highDatesAlt - a second highDates options (different theme)
  • passing date and datebox object to closeCallback()
  • changed _update() to hardreset() in _setOptions to properly update option changes
  • Massive overhaul of options matrix documentation - much more readable, and even mostly correct now
  • added jquery widget _setOption function for changing datebox options after pagecreate
  • Update auto-attach method to make sure not to double-create if retriggered
  • Add a little css tweak for IE8 (maybe others) - Fixes #100
  • Add option "timeFormatOverride" to allow 12/24hr clock setting from data-options if needed
  • Add recuring events demo to site
  • Add create hook so that .trigger(create) will catch data-role="datebox" elements
  • Missed fieldsOrder on language change - add option "fieldsOrderOverride" to mimic old behavoir of this option
  • Update a few more things, make dateFormat part of i8n by default, unless set otherwise. Closes #107, Closes #104
  • Add _getRecDays() function. Probably going to expand this at some point, and maybe add it to the docs.
  • Forgot beforeToday option, fixes #106
  • Add i8n: Portuguese (Brazil).
  • Add i8n: Modern Greek (el) - Thanks to Giannis Kosmas

jQM-1.0rc2 / 2011-11-04

  • BREAKING CHANGE! - Move i8n stuff to a saner place, allow multiple languages to be loaded at once. BREAKING CHANGE!!
  • Add i8n: Japanese, work by moon dial of B$ - thanks
  • Add i8n: Swedish, Fix spelling errors in en/en-US. Thanks to Henrik Ekselius for both
  • Add i8n: German, unknown author + google translate (needs work)
  • Add i8n: French
  • Add a few translations, and a CLI translation tool (just run it)
  • Move some stuff - intoduce the "hardreset" function (very cool)
  • Update build process to include copyright/license slug
  • Update license to CC 3.0 Attribution.
  • Merge pull request #98 from Skinney/master
  • default transition is now an option which can be set, instead of being hardcoded 'pop'
  • Add useInlineBlind option - Closes #65
  • Add afterToday and beforeToday on "extra" dates on calendars, Fixes #71

jQM-1.0rc1 / 2011-10-14

  • Merge pull request #97 from dtao/patch-3
  • Merge pull request #82 from gga/master
  • Merge pull request #90 from evgenyneu/master
  • Merge pull request #83 from eromba/master
  • Merge pull request #89 from bjohn465/add-debug-flag
  • Merge pull request #79 from dtao/patch-2
  • Merge pull request #77 from gstroup/master
  • Merge pull request #66 from ShirtlessKirk/patch-1
  • Merge pull request #67 from dtao/patch-1
  • Merge pull request #75 from kpwebb/patch-1
  • Merge pull request #61 from forrest/master
  • Merge pull request #63 from aliok/add-default-value-option
  • Merge pull request #53 from aliok/disable-manual-input
  • Merge pull request #49 from aliok/master
  • Merge pull request #48 from evgenyneu/master
  • Add hook for orientation change, Closes #95
  • Fix for datebox in listview display. Fixes #92
  • Add a few standard create hooks from jqm. Addresses #94
  • Add an enableDates option for calendar mode. Closes #93
  • added check for close button to fix issue #84
  • Add beforeToday check on flipbox, fixes #85
  • Fix title issue on flipbox demo - fixes #80
  • Using media query instead of helper class min-width-480px
  • Added an optional open callback.
  • fixed issue #78: parent page removed from DOM when datebox widget is closed
  • fix to honor noAnimation option when opening calendar.
  • Add dateformat options "mmmm" and "dddd" - Closes #76
  • Work on #61 - Bring duration mode under new RegExp, elimate options: durationNoDays, durationNoSeconds, and durationShort. Add options: durationFormat. - THIS IS A BREAKING CHANGE!
  • Add rolloverMode option, to prevent the pickers from "rolling" the date/month/hour/minute/second. Closes #57
  • Add some DOM cacheing control - so the parent page does not go away on us - fixes #58 and #59
  • Add modes: "flipbox" and "timeflipbox"
  • Rework slide mode - real draggable input now. very, very spiffy
  • Make the new RegExp for reading date the default method - NOTE: this may be a breaking change for some!
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