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#Clicky for Slack

#Clicky is a Chrome Extension designed to make sharing a link to Slack as quick and easy as possible. Share your current page to a Slack channel or user in a single click!

#Clicky can also be found in the Chrome Store!

Manual Installation

#Clicky can be installed either from the Chrome Store as above, or manually from this repo.

After cloning this repo, create a config file in the following format:

export default {
  slack: {
    clientId: 'SLACK_CLIENT_ID',
    clientSecret: 'SLACK_CLIENT_SECRET',
    redirectUri: '',
    scope: 'identify,read,post,client',

Finally, just run.

yarn start

Once installed you can then load #Clicky into Chrome as an unpacked extension from the extensions page in settings (chrome://extensions/).


Once installed, launch the extension in Chrome and follow the instructions to get set up.


BrowserStack gives you instant access to all real mobile and desktop browsers completely within your web browser. #Clicky is proud to use BrowserStack to test functionality in older versions of Chrome, as well as Opera and Firefox. We are also looking at the possibility of porting #Clicky to Safari. BrowserStack will make this much easier by giving us the ability to test in multiple versions of Safari as we're developing.

If you've never tried BrowserStack then I definitely recommend giving it a go at