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A repository that will get you running OSQA on Heroku quickly.

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OSQA is the free, open source Q&A system you've been waiting for. Your OSQA 
site is more than just an FAQ page, it is a full-featured Q&A community. Users 
earn points and badges for useful participation, and everyone in the community 
wins. [1]

This repository contains a working copy of OSQA that will run on Heroku [2].
There were a few changes from the standard install to make everything run 
smoothly. I also added the Gunicorn WSGI webserver [3] for your convienence.


see requirements.txt


1 - Clone repository : git clone yourapp
2 - Fill out your settings : edit osqa/
3 - Create Heroku app : heroku create --stack cedar
4 - Push app to Heroku : git push heroku master
5 - Sync DB : heroku run python osqa/ syncdb --all
6 - Create database superuser : Follow instructions in terminal
7 - Migrate DB : heroku run python osqa/ migrate forum --fake
8 - View app : heroku open


1 - Create Virtualenv : virtualenv venv --distribute
2 - Source virtualenv : source venv/bin/activate
3 - Install dependencies : pip install -r requirements.txt
4 - Run app through Foreman : foreman start

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