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0.9.2 (??/12/2011)
- Improved list.scrollToNext/scrollToPrev methods, support for vertical lists
- Add phonegap build directory in examples/rss4
- Fixed bug on formInput onChange/onKeyUp
- Fix multi-line defines() breaking optimizer
- Split click and rightclick events in browser adapter
- Add a helloworld with samsungtv example
- Various cleanups
- Updated to Underscore.js 1.2.2
- Fix a few typos in documentation
- Added a small cookie util
- Added memory & localstorage caches for the data layer w/ pluggable API
- iOS adapter: Handle swipe events, touch event fixes
- remove npm mkdirp dependency
- Change list refocus behaviour
- Fix YouTube UIElement
- Fabric: Include hidden files in deployment tgz
- Fabric: fixed sed differents behaviour on unix/linux
- New formInput UIElement
- API change: UIElement.inserted => UIElement.set/getState("inserted")
- iScroll update & other scrolling fixes on mobile
- Android & iOS adapter: Finish switch from jQuery to Zepto
- New PhilipsTV adapter
- New Desktop binary adapter with Qt
0.9.1 (20/07/2011)
- Added [has/toggle/add/remove]HtmlClass methods to all UI Elements and a 'htmlClass' option
- Added an ActivityMonitor util for managing visibility of UI components when the user is idle
- Documentation improvements (thanks to Stephane Legouffe & others for proof-reading)
- Fixes in Android and iOS lists when using the native-like scroller
- Added Youtube video element for iOS
- Fixes in panel.manager
- Improvements to setLoading() handling in all UI Elements
- Build tools: Fix JS compilation when more than 1 file
- Began splitting init() and setup() methods for UI Elements to simplify initialization logic for developers
(setup() calls are all delayed until other UI elements have been instanciated)
- Added a CommonJS-compatible template folder when compiling
- PubSub: added token as third callback parameter (allows easier unsubscription)
- Refactored refresh() methods to allow easy "show more" implementations
- Added an item cache to the tree, in addition to the query cache
- controls option for iOS videos
- Improved examples
- Updated iScroll to 4.1.7, jQuery to 1.6.2
- Removed unused dateutil import in build tools (thanks @shinuza)
0.9.0 (29/06/2011)
- First public release
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