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Latest commit c35464f Jun 4, 2013 François Daoust Added Transloadit library to the list of dependencies
Also updated the deprecated "file-hosted-public" field type to add
the same "delete" functionality as "file-transloadit".

JSON Form dependencies

This folder contains required and optional dependencies for JSON Form.



The libraries in the opt subfolder are optional as long as you do not use the feature they enable:

  • JSON Schema Validator is required to validate sumbitted values against the JSON schema that gave birth to the form. This folder includes a "build" of the validator (basically a merge of its different components scoped to avoid leaking variables to the global context.
  • Bootstrap v2.0.3 or above for styling purpose (JSON Form only uses the bootstrap.css file)
  • wysihtml5 if the form uses wysihtml5 textarea fields
  • jQuery UI Sortable v1.8.20 or above for drag-and-drop support within arrays and tabarrays. Note the plugin itself depends on jQuery IU Core, jQuery UI Mouse, and jQuery UI Widget.